If Adults Dated Like Middle Schoolers

October 10, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– So I heard from Sarah
that Quinta told Justin that Allison thinks you’re cute. – Quinta told me that Zach likes you. – What me? – Wait, really? – Yeah. – I never thought of her that way. – Do I like Zach? – Do I like Allison? – Oh my God, I think I really like Zach. – Okay, that’s weird that you’re
just figuring this out now. – You know what Thelonious, you’re right. I’m going to go for it. – Hey, nice shirt. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – [Zach] Okay, bye.
– [Allison] Okay, bye. – Hey. Sent. She’s such a silly texter. – New year, new meeting. We’ve got the goal setting and came up with a little simple shorthand for you. So we’ve got specific, you want to brief, clearly stated and focused. Goals should have clear
impact on our business. – Are you and Zach Instagram official? – Yeah, isn’t it amazing. – Uh, haven’t you not even hung out yet? – I mean not yet but probably next week. – [Allison] We’re like
snapchatting everyday though. – No that’s stupid. XO, XO, love you forever, heart. – Hey. – So are you going to dance with her? – Who, oh Allison. Yeah, I mean I’ll get to it. I mean I’m just kinda fearing the- – Dude, we’ve been here for two hours. – Go talk, what go talk to him? – He’s gotta talk to me. – Are you scared? – What, no are you scared? No, I’m not scared. I mean I dance with with
girls, I’ve done it. – Allison that’s ridiculous. Go talk to him. – [Thelonious] Go dance with her. – [Zach] Thelonious please. – Go. – [Zach] Hi.
– [Allison] Hi. – Do you want to dance? – Sure. – Hey do you want to maybe come watch a movie at my place tomorrow? – Sorry, sorry. – Sure that sounds awesome. – Oh cool. – I’m so happy this is
happening with you. (laughs) – Me too. Are you ready? – Yeah, I think I’m finally ready. – Cool. Here we go. Wow. – This isn’t what I
thought it would be like. – This is exactly what I
thought it would be like. – [Allison] Your hand is super sweaty. – [Zach] Yeah, it’s cause I’m nervous. – [Allison] I mean I’m just like – – [Zach] Wipe it off?
– [Allison] Yeah. – [Zach] Try again.
– [Allison] Okay. – I heard it’s better the second time. – Oh, yeah that’s better. – Yeah, it’s better.