I wish I went to this school

October 1, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

The wind is perfect today It’s around 18-20 knots so the guys are heading out on their 9, 10, 11 meter kites progression session everyone’s fired up after the… now they are taking the mick out of me because I’m vlogging everyone’s fired up after the goal meetings and we’ve got some water melon! thank you that’s what im talking about do something gross for the vlog yea thats perfect what’s going on Lev this is Lev.. Levster… what tricks you going to try today? frontrolls frontrolls backrolls yea some big jumps switch back rolls double back rolls double back rolls! i’ve already done it though some big talk going on here i wanna see it get it yeww these guys are making a bit of a statement today getting in the way, so we are keeping out their way because they are pretty grumpy i think its cause they’re jealous, we’re having more fun than they are max nice slim chance, it was close what was happening though you were leaning on your back hand too much so the kite was coming up, and it was actually the wrong side of the window so when you roll into that front roll make sure you apply a bit of pressure to your front hand ok im going to try it lets see it, come close and ill get it on film so i’ve persuaded Asher to do his first beach jump he’s a little bit apprehensive but he only has.. half a meter to go he’s meant to be a gnarly skater and he can’t even jump half a meter I saw him jump off a six stair the other night and kickflipped! and he won’t even do this so what your going to do now the bindings have softened up they’re dreamy