Home School Curriculum: Geography : Pros & Cons of Home Schooling

September 11, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

I’m Jennifer Miller with the institute for
reality on behalf of Expert Village. Hi my name is Jennifer Miller and I am with the
institute for REALITY which stands for reform in education and living instruction for the
young. We do educational consulting and curriculum design for families that home school. Our
curriculum is a blend of the Classical, and Charlottle Mason approaches to education and
today we are going to talk about teaching geography at home. We also produce a free
monthly news letter as an encouragement to families more recently we have an organization
that’s called the adventure project. Which is dedicated to encouraging living education
and adventure within families. We homeschooled our four children from birth, they are now
5,7,9,and 11. And we believe homeschooling education can provide a unique environment
for your child where there individual strengths can be maximized and their weaknesses can
be built upon which will allow you to customize the education to the child. And one of the
unique things about home education is you can focus on things that are not necessarily
focused on in other educational environments to the extent that they should be and one
of those things is geography.