HII Scholarship Fund: Post Secondary Recipients 2019

October 13, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

I grew up on a farm in Florida.
Mom and dad really cared about education but there wasn’t any means for us to
just assume that we might go to college. I didn’t know if I was gonna go
to college. So I’ve had twice in my life I’ve had scholarships available to me
just at that right time. Scholarships were the things that created access for
me in ways that on my own devices, I wouldn’t had that access otherwise. The scholarship actually helped me get on a path that I wanted to
be on. Somebody did that for me. My theory is you pay it forward
and do it for somebody else. My father is a software engineer here at HII. My
parents came from like a small town in Mississippi and they came all the way up
to Virginia and made a life for themselves so education means a lot to
me and my family. People that come to work in our company through the
scholarship program can provide even more for their families then maybe they
were able to before. The scholarship is definitely helping me with the burden of
paying for this and knowing I had the looming burden of grad school after
undergrad. I’m the first of all my siblings to go to college so it was basically a whole
new world for us. Access gives people with potential the opportunity to
achieve their potential. That’s really what our scholarship program is all
about. I’ll be double majoring in computer
engineering and also electrical engineering. I hope to obtain an
internship here next summer. That’d be a great start for me. Are you
interested in doing like cyber stuff. Working on the education front is a way
to create a more competitive situation for our country, and so to me that’s a
national security issue. What advice would you give to graduating students.
What kind of employees are you going to need in five years, and how are you
thinking about helping them get ready so that you can hire them. You know college
is so expensive now and we were really trying to figure out how we were going to
afford it and so earning the scholarship will really help reduce that stress and
that burden of having to pay for it. My education is an investment my future.
I was born as a preemie weighing one pound and nine ounces, and to be able to
sit here today it’s very important to me. We create workforce. That’s what we do is
we take people who want to do something that’s pretty cool… My name is
Natalie Abreu I received scholarships from Huntington Ingalls industries. I
work at Newport News Shipbuilding in the nuclear propulsion construction
engineering department and I’m a nuclear engineer. I would tell families and
children to apply for scholarships because you never know where it can take
you and how much help and benefit it can have for your family in the future. you