Helena College Diesel Technology

September 20, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Because I am from Helena All my family is here and it’s one of the best diesel programs in the United States I chose Helena College I had an older brother that went to school here and he loved the program loved the instructors, you know it’s a great , this is a great school it’s close to where we are from in Bozeman and it’s a lot of hands on, more so than classroom time or lecture time, and it’s it’s a great school Helena College has a really good
reputation their programs are top-of-the-line they have all brand new equpment for all of their trades, especially the diesel program has a really big reputation, they have really good job placement and the instructors know everything, anytime you
have a question, they answer it right away I grew up around heavy equipment, always you know, been fascinated with big machines big stuff, but it’s been in my family, my great grandpa was a diesel mechanic, my grandpa was an auto mechanic Because honestly I was tired of being that female that went into the auto shop that had no idea what was going on with anything on the mechanics side of it and getting taken advantage of and now, I can be the person that people come to and that other women can come to and ask questions about it and not feel like they’re getting taken advantage of It’s everywhere, it’s so versatile as far as diesel mechanics wehther you want to work on big rigs, you know, semis equipment, everything there’s always
diesel engines around that you can deal with, and it’s a really great career I enjoy most about the atmosphere top-of-the-line equipment, the instructors know what
they’re talking about the instructors themselves are still sent to school so they get the top-of-the-line of everything, their knowledge,
new technology and they’re very helpful It’s all completely hands-on I enjoy being able to come down here in the shop, and have my instructors show me exactly
what to do, showing us how to use the tools and explain it to a person that has had zero background in mechanics anywhere The hands of stuff, we actually get to rebuild an engine, get to rebuild a transmission, most the hands on portion, there’s not a lot of lecture time so it makes it a better experience Yes right now, I beleive the the statistics were that 85 percent of the diesel mechanices that there are now are retiring in the next five years, so it’s a hundred percent job turnout It’s just a great school, you know, a lot of kids gain employment in this field out of this school, so and it’s the industry’s wide open right now in this field Easily employment in this industry, as long as you are willing to work, willing to sometimes travel for the job, there’s placement out there for anywhere you want to go Oh yes by far, here you’re paying a heck of a lot less than you would go in a
lot of other places and they have everything available to you and what you need here so,
I thought it was worth it Oh yeah I believe it’s definitely worth the tuition because
it’s, you know it’s a fairly inexpensive school and your getting great training, it’s definitely
worth it, every cent Yes it is, the top-of-the-line equipment itself is huge to be able to work
with, not everybody is as luxurious on the funding to get the equipment that you need
to keep up on everything, technology is just crazy theses days with computers and everything, and we get hands-on on all of it