October 13, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– ♪ Right now I’m in
the state of mind ♪ – I need to win
for my generation. – It’s personal now. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) The challenge today
is going to put your music knowledge
to the test. – Oh no.
– Music knowledge. I think this is gonna be fun,
’cause I feel like we have different music knowledge.
– Yeah. – Oh God.
– Oh damn. – Okay, that makes me feel better.
We’re both gonna be really bad. This is great. – It depends on what music.
– Yeah, what style of music is going on.
– Because I have a very narrow field of view when it
comes to music. – (FBE) You two will be
going head to head to see if you can figure out
if the song is an original or a cover.
– Oh my God. – What?
– That’s crazy. – That’s hard, ’cause honestly,
covers can sound way better than originals now. – This is tricky because I’m
still barely learning whenever I hear certain songs
that it was actually a cover this whole time.
– I think this can be pretty hard, actually.
I’m not gonna lie. – (FBE) So, we’ll be playing you
a segment of the song and you’ll write down
if you think it’s a cover or the original.
One point for each correct answer.
Most points at the end wins. – Okay.
– Got it. All right, this is gonna
be exciting. – All right, don’t look
at my answers. – I won’t.
No cheating. – (FBE) Not only are you
trying to do your personal best, but this is a teens
vs. college kids competition. – Oh.
– Ooh. – I gotta hold it down.
I’m the older one here. – I gotta hold it down
for the young kids out there. – Okay. – Now this is a little bit
more personal. – We’re not going down.
– You’re gonna be one of us soon anyway, though.
– I know, but teens for now. We’re gonna go get it
and then when I become a college kid,
I’ll be like, forget the teens. – I’m so competitive.
– I’m more competitive when it comes to my
generation than myself. – I’m just all around
very competitive. – Okay, well then bring it.
Let’s go. – (FBE) Here’s your first song.
♪ (guitar) ♪ – Oh, I know this song.
– I like this song. ♪ Shake it up, baby
Shake it up, baby ♪ ♪ Twist and shout
Twist and shout ♪ – Okay, I’ve definitely
heard this before. – (singing along)
♪ Come on, baby ♪ ♪ Work it all out
Work it all out ♪ – I wouldn’t be able
to know if this song– – You wouldn’t know?
– I know. ♪ You know you look so good ♪
– You know, I didn’t realize there were gonna be
words after that, so I’m like, “Oh wow,
there’s a whole ‘nother part to that.”
– I love that song. – It’s just a classic song.
It’s gonna be really embarrassing if we get
this wrong. – (FBE) Let me see
your answers. – Is it an original? – Original. – I said original.
– Ooh, same. Same answer. – Original.
– I think it’s a cover. – (FBE) So, this version
of Twist and Shout you just heard was on
the Beatles’ first album, Please Please Me
in 1963. However, it was written
and recorded by the Top Notes in 1961,
so this is a cover. – This is a cover?
– Okay. – Darn. – It’s a cover?
– Dude, what? – I’m glad we both got
it wrong, though, ’cause I was gonna be
real nervous if you wrote down cover
and it was right. – I’m rethinking my life now. – I think there was that bias
that everyone thought it was by the Beatles,
but it wasn’t. – Yeah, I don’t even know
the second band that you just said. – Wait, so the Beatles
is the cover? What?
Literally as I was writing original down, I was like,
what if this is a trick question? – I have this album on vinyl,
so that’s the only reason I knew it.
– You would. – (FBE) Nerd.
– I know. It’s my favorite album of all time.
– It’s so good. – It’s so good.
Love Me Do, you ever hear that song?
It’s like angels. You ever hear–
okay, all right. I can’t.
I’m taking this point and I’m going home. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ ♪ Coming out
even when it’s raining ♪ – This is not the Beatles. – Okay, so she’s a newer artist,
obviously. – (singing along) ♪ Your mouth ♪
– So now I have to think. – (singing along) ♪ Know it, babe
Know it, babe, yeah ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Right now
I’m in a state of mind ♪ ♪ I wanna be in
like, all the time ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Ain’t got
no tears left to cry ♪ – ‘Cause now I’m thinking,
she’s such a new artist that it could be a cover. – She was my celeb crush
when I was your age. – Really?
– Oh yeah. – My question is did Ariana
cover this from a song from the ’50s or something?
– The ’50s? – (FBE) Reveal those answers.
– Say original. – Yeah. – Original?
– Oh, shoot. – Let ’em know. – (FBE) No Tears Left to Cry
was on Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album,
Sweetener that came out in 2018.
This is an original song by her. – Got it.
– Good job. – She did the damn thing
with that song. I’m proud of her. – Yay, okay,
’cause that’s why. I feel like since it was
such a big song, I would have heard about it
if it was a cover. – That would be some tea.
– Yeah, wouldn’t it have been? – But even Ed Sheeran
wrote songs for One Direction. You never know. – Whoo, let’s go.
– Yeah. I love her.
– I do, too. See, we can get along.
Look at that. – Yeah.
– Generations unite. – You didn’t blow it up. – You guys are throwing
so many different eras at us now
like that one song was a Beatles song.
– I don’t know what to expect, so I don’t know how
to feel about it. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ ♪ What you are ♪ – Damn.
– (singing along) ♪ Baby, I got it ♪ – Okay, now it’s like,
is this the original? How many times have I
heard the original? – This song, so many people
have sang this song. ♪ Is for a little respect
when you come home ♪ – See, now I don’t know things.
I’m nervous. – See, this is such a big song.
I feel like I would have heard if it was a cover if it was. ♪ I ain’t gonna do you wrong
’cause I don’t wanna ♪ – See, this song,
I am not sure. – The older music’s so hard,
’cause they could have been making music in the ’30s
and the ’40s and stuff like that. You don’t know.
It’s old to you, but it could be even older
to them. – It’s really old to me. – Did you underline it
for emphasis? – Well yeah, ’cause I’m right.
– I’m putting three lines. – (FBE) Go for it.
Let me see them. – I’m saying it’s a cover.
– I think it’s an original. – What’d you put?
– I said OG. – I’m just making
a bold statement. – Yeah, I’m saying cover.
– I said cover, too. – Oh my goodness. – (FBE) Respect is a song
written and originally released by American recording artist,
Otis Redding in 1965. The song became a 1967 hit
and signature song for R&B singer Aretha Franklin,
which is the cover you just heard.
– Oh my gosh. – I was literally about
to write cover, but then I was like,
I don’t know things. – I feel better knowing
that you lost this one, too, so technically you don’t
have another point. – Okay.
– I don’t have another point, but technically, you don’t
have one, either. – I thought your reasoning
was gonna be, I feel good because you’re
old and you didn’t even get that. – You just don’t know, Troy.
– She’s older than me. It’s not fair.
She’s like a grandma. It’s not even fair at this point.
– You’re just mad ’cause the older you get,
the wiser you are and I got years on you. – That’s right, yes.
– That’s so weird because I feel like it’s a really powerful–
when I think of the song, I think of it as
a women anthem, asking for respect.
I really think of it as a women anthem
and that’s just so funny to know that a guy sings it. – When you guys said cover,
I was thinking some girl on YouTube with a ukulele
was gonna play Riptide, you know what I mean?
– That’s what I was waiting– okay.
– Not like this. So I was like, wait,
that’s not that hard, but this is so hard. – I need to win
for my generation. – It’s personal now.
– It’s not just about me anymore. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ ♪ People talking without speaking
people hearing without listening ♪ – Hm, let me– – Have you ever heard this song?
– Yeah. – I don’t know this song,
but I’m gonna– in my heart, I know that
whatever it is, this is true. – Is this Josh Groban?
Who is this? – I’ve never heard this song. – I’ve never heard this.
– Neither have I. – (singing along) ♪ The sound
of silence ♪ I know.
Oh my gosh, this is the first–
– It was dramatic. – I feel like I know something
and it just feels really empowering
for the first time in life. – I’ve heard both versions
of this song. I’m trying to remember
which one is this one specifically. – Wait, wait, wait.
I’m changing. I’m changing my answer. – (FBE) Show me your answers.
– I’m saying it’s a cover. – Same, same.
– Just a guess. – Is it an original?
– I put OG also. – I had cover down at first. – I wrote cover.
– Cover? – Yeah, it’s most definitely
a cover. – I haven’t heard that version,
but I’ve heard that song before and I don’t know what’s
the original. I know it’s the Sound
of Silence, right, but who is it by?
I don’t think it was them. – (FBE) This song was
originally recorded by Simon and Garfunkel in 1964.
You just heard the cover by Disturbed.
– Damn it. – I knew it, ’cause I was
talking to somebody. – No, I had cover
and then he started saying stuff and I was like…
– Just don’t listen to me. – Damn it.
It sounded like a rendition to me, but because I had never
heard the song before, I wanted to assume
it was an original song. – Yes.
– Okay. – I have a point.
– Yay. – High five.
I know we’re not on the same team,
but I feel like we’re on the same team now. – The cover’s interesting.
It was some dark, distorted stuff. – Yeah, I was thinking.
I’m like, this is probably a cover. It just doesn’t sound
100% correct. – I’m not gonna win this,
am I? – Well hey, no.
I’m feeling pretty comfortable. If I get this wrong,
then we tie. Hey, then it’s a win
for everyone. It’s a win for teens,
– I don’t take wins for everyone. I don’t do sympathy medals.
– Okay, all right. All right, we’re going
for a dub, then. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – (FBE) Here’s the last one.
– If this isn’t Dionte, I’m gonna be mad.
♪ Moon river ♪ – Oh, I’m mad.
Ah! Wait, wait.
– Oh, oh, oh. ♪ River, wider than a mile ♪ – Oh, oh, I know this song
and I know the answer to this one. – You do?
You know this song? – Yeah, I know this song. – This is such a good song.
Troy, just let it enter your soul. ♪ Heart breaker ♪ – This voice is really familiar.
This is so good. – It’s Frank Ocean.
– Oh. – Ah [bleep].
Am I giving out hints? – I feel really good
about my answer and Troy is–
– Can I just look at it? – No.
– [Bleep]. Wait, rewrite it so I can see
how many letters you put. – No, follow your instincts.
What is your little teen brain telling you?
– My instinct is to cheat and get the dub,
but I don’t know. – (FBE) Let me see your answer.
– Okay. Ooh, same, same. – Pretty sure it’s a cover. – It’s a cover,
’cause it’s by Frank Ocean and it’s Moon River. – I know this one.
– Oh, it’s a cover. It’s [bleep] from
Breakfast at Tiffany’s. – I went with original.
– Oh, I went cover. – Oh my gosh.
One of us is winning today, one of us is losing.
Oh gosh. – (FBE) You just heard
Moon River by Frank Ocean released in 2018,
although almost completely unrecognizable to the original.
It was sung by Audrey Hepburn in 1961.
– I should have said cover. – That’s crazy.
– I should have said cover. – Proud I could hold it down
for the young kids, you know. That representation,
we need that, so I’m glad I could be
that person. – Good job, girl.
Good job. I’m happy for you.
You just left me hanging. – You’re so supportive.
Wow. – [Bleep], dude.
I just put original for every answer.
That was my strat from the beginning. – Gosh.
She’s like, “You won this one, but not the war.” – Both of us knew that
so fast. – Damn.
– I’m so upset. – I’m sorry.
– I’m so upset right now. – I felt pretty good
about the music that I listen to and my knowledge of it,
but I feel like this just validated it.
– Let me pick the songs and it won’t.
– See, if we did that, Troy would win immediately. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – Thanks for watching
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