Gilman Scholarship Advice From a UW Recipient

October 3, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hi my name is Alicia Montague-Keels and I am a Gilman recipient. I studied abroad
in Tianjin, China. The Gilman Scholarship was a national scholarship and it’s a really competitive scholarship but I think that it’s something that you can still aspire to get. I think they’re just looking for someone that’s passionate someone who is genuine and someone who
can contribute greatly to their study abroad program and hopefully their community once they
return. Really take time in that right and get it reviewed by a writing fellow. Send it to a friend or professor. Um… really take
time on what you right because because that’s the majority of what they see. I made it
known that this was more than a scholarship, that this is something that wasn’t
gonna stop after my study abroad term was over, this is something that I
intend to pay forward and it was something critical to me studying abroad. Without financial
assistance I would not have been able to study abroad. Your experience will be original, my
experience was original, and I was able to paint that picture where at least what I
thought my experience would be to the Gilman Scholarship. What I bring as a scholar, as a UW-Madison scholar, as an African-American woman, as an education major in this program at this specific time is completely different than someone else
going into that program. Let them see what you have is special
what you have his original. So what i decided to do was blog. I wasn’t much of a writer, but I’m so glad that i did. I think my service
project really allowed others to like peer into what, you know, I was so excited about. And even now, I go back and and reread those journal entries. No
matter like what your interests are you can find a service project that aligns with
that whether it’s a video blog, whether it’s a spoken-word performance or an art
exhibit or, I don’t know, whatever your interests are you can tailor that to your
service project. I think that that is something that i
value post study abroad, being able to talk to these people and exchange
experiences through e-mail to know that the Gilman network is still behind me and still
rooting for my academic success that is fantastic.