Get Schooled on Higher Education Financial Reporting – Spreadsheet Server

October 5, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

At Global Software, Inc., we know that instant access to your data is part of a well-rounded education, and that you rely on immediate
and accurate information in order to provide best-in-class services to your students. Using Spreadsheet Server, our flagship Excel-based reporting and automation platform, now your data can be smarter and available at a moment’s notice— all within Excel. Spreadsheet Server works by creating a real-time
link between Excel and your ERP. You can also connect, real-time, to other
relational databases. This means automated population of reports,
streamlined analysis, and self-service reporting. Significantly reduce report preparation and run-time while increasing data integrity in your process. To build reports with Spreadsheet Server, end users can simply navigate non-technical parameters while leveraging their existing
knowledge of Excel. Empower your team to build any report they need, and free up the IT department to handle other tasks. By providing live data in Excel, Spreadsheet Server simplifies your reporting process and allows for more proactive business decisions. Whether you’re preparing monthly financial
statements, tuition reports, student data, or even reporting on AP and Payroll, Spreadsheet Server provides enhanced flexibility and eliminates manual processes. With Spreadsheet Server, you can drill down into transaction detail without ever leaving Excel. This provides more efficient analysis from
your ERP and any relational database. From there, you can sort and group by any
other necessary criteria. Drill down further to a more detailed view
for improved analysis and data visibility. You can even drill to an invoice image and
originating transactions. Easily export those details into an email,
Excel, or PDF file with a single click. Use QueryDesigner to design custom reports
without having to call in the IT specialists. Easily blend data from several sources into
a single Excel report, eliminating multiple exports and staging areas, and complementing existing BI applications. When it’s time to send reports to financial
officers, trustees, or board members, Distribution Manager gives you the power to decide who
receives which data, when, and in what format. No more copying and pasting, no more manual
email attachments. Convert formulas to values, apply password protection, and include attachments all in one step. Then build a customized distribution list
to get your report into the right hands. The outcome is an intuitive process that maximizes your efficiency in accessing, reporting, auditing, and analyzing data from your ERP. In fact, 100% of surveyed education industry users found that Spreadsheet Server helped completely automate approximately fifty reports or more, and reduced employee workload by 25%. More and more universities and colleges now
have smarter data with Spreadsheet Server, experiencing faster data access, streamlined
reports, and a significant uptick in efficiency. To learn more, visit