Future Without Higher Education Funding?

September 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

the president colorado state university
was just so happens to be my alma mater just gave his annual address and he said
something and very interesting on the topic of higher education funding he said the colorado might be the first
day in the nation cindy funded system av higher education of public higher
education i think that of course is really
discouraging to hear that any state where the i_d_ find that public at higher education and
especially a state that i’m obviously tight so closely tonight drop in
colorado and i went to this universities colorado state university and out what their what president ali frames that wives you know he went on to um… talk about some of the way that we can trying to get in front of this issue but what was even more discouraging to
me was that none of these uh… ways that he had a of and saving because he doesn’t want
tuition to go out for a carseat students because tuition in colorado zameen and
across the nation is expensive ad says so he doesn’t want to know tuition at a
lot but and so he’s trying to figure out another way to continue paying in full this university instead of raising
tuition alexis urging here and that he did not have any solutions to actually keep
state funding he does have solutions to keep our state
university in business which he gave reasons like and you know making sure
that we increase in the role manifold thing on keeping the school competitive
so that people want to go there drawing in more out-of-state students who are
gonna have to pay uh… higher tuition and i just think it’s really set in a country that those are
the solutions instead of convincing the state to continue to find
higher education one of the problems going on you know
cross the nation really in colorado right now inspect act table or which i think i’m pronouncing
correctly which is the taxpayer bill of rights which is basically a push by
conservatives and libertarians tourists direct uh… restrict government which means
that that is restricting a lot of the funding from the government state and
local government to higher education in colorado is
having a huge problem with this right now for the last few years we’re close to laugh in in state funding for higher education
or if i’m going back and forth between around forty eight and fifty s in higher education uh… i mean what what do you think and is
there a way that you can pledge for states to continue funding
higher education is this just a trend that we’re gonna continue seeing where seasoning defund their public
universities well here is the punch a very good points degree it would’ve been good if you come
up with if he had had some sort of a puzzle for how they would continue to
say funny i’m not sure how much power really has a bed and one
of the main jobs of the university presidents to lobby on behalf of the
universe into legislature and governor specifically
um… and in terms of the new talk often raising goals and how they pass them icm
that’s true although it feeling they wouldn’t they represented an appealing way um… they guide is a problem if you’re
if your future plans like not mow the lawn is often income portion
sizes in the cafeteria or something to say that that’s what they’re doing but
like that’s not good enough but it’s the middle east that he is
looking into the future of their they’re planning for this ring uh… in terms of the taxpayer bill of rights
he talked about what i was love repeat it seems so logical waah right
side like bright sunlight them to be organized to do what’s that’s great but
finding is that on your way to go to late say they had a referendum to
apatite herbal right on your way to go to vote in favor of it you will interact
with literally dozens of systems that rely on taxpayer funding that we need to
recognize lee can rely on that would be cut or eliminated if your proposed taxes
modifications were put in effect i think there are some roaming floating
in the air different things that are government regulated met need government
money and most people don’t recognize that and dissimilar way
defunding higher education would have long-term implications for the country it doesn’t matter if you’ve already
finished your college education are victims of
artificial their college education winner a developing young people of this
country to be intelligent and productive and that’s that’s a goal worth finding i think castle and a couple of things i want to
talk about it now im animal elementary and they doing enough to kind of issues
that one is the grapevine study which is conducted by illinois state university uh… a part of the prosecution
according to this and state money for colleges in students
drop by seven point six percent last year which is the biggest decline in your switches a time about state funding is going down find that matter like i said that the
trend that we continue to see and some other things that i think are
important to know is just what’s going on in politics right now it is that we’re approaching this fiscal class at
the end of the year uh… and if which is basically the expression of the bush
tax cuts and all of these on automatic spending and cut spending cuts i believe
that are supposed to go into effect in january three thirteen if congress
can reach a deal so that we thought that this bill clinton congress can reach a
deal we’re gonna see decreased federal
funding for education by nine point one percent which means of four point one
billion dollars in cuts in the department of education uh… and without we’re also seeing is
more cuts to programs because i have not funding caps on education programs and we’d like to talk about a four on
the shelf under the ronnie ryan ticket ryan
obviously wants more cuts the pell grants uh… we’ve already seen congress adopt higher education funding
type last year so i think it’s discouraging ’cause like tony frank
said maybe there’s or leaky failed to fanny maybe there’s not a lot that we can
really deal to encourage states to continue funding higher education but and think we can
make a difference is in the voting booth and you know calling representatives and
and encouraging them to past legislation that will state funding in hiring