Feminist Defends Sharia, Schooled By Ben Shapiro

November 14, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Sally Kohn: Housing Subsidies, Social Security? Ben Shapiro: So I’m Five generations in and
the mass immigration that took place in this country, I mean if you look at the curve Sally,
if you look at the curve on how many immigrants came into the country, theres a big bump that
happens at the beginning of the 20th century. Theres a huge amount of immigration in the
1920s that is massively curved. That curve lasts all the way until 1965. In 1965 theres a brand new bill and that bill
says that we’re not going to choose basically which countries people come from anymore,
and it does matter where people come from in terms of the culture that they’re going
to tend to hold. This idea that… Sally Kohn: Woah, woah, woah! Wait, wait, wait, did everybody hear that!? “Its not about the particular immigrants,
its just about the economic policy of them taking benefits”. You just said you like certain immigrants
more than other immigrants because the culture they bring into this country. Ben Shapiro: Okay, so right. Let me explain. Heres the deal: In the presence of a welfare
state, which exists in 1965, you have to pick and choose which immigrants we bring in. You do. Otherwise everybody just comes in. Sally Kohn: I agree Ben Shapiro: Ok, if you agree then what is
your standrd for bringing in immigrants? Clearly its not not taking federal benefits
or state benefits. Clearly its not (mumbling) culture. So you don’t want any restrictions on immigrants. So you would get 6 Billion people coming over
here? Sally Kohn: Well I do want restrictions on
immigrants. But I want a line, and a process in the system. Ben Shapiro: Can you Explain. I’ll tell you where I’m drawing the line. Sally Kohn: Hang on, explain why you’re drawing
a line around culture please. Ben Shapiro: Because culture makes a difference
to a country. Sally Kohn: So tell me who are the American
enough cultures to come in. (Crowd Erupts in Applause) Ben Shapiro: Devotes of any culture who believe
in individual freedom, who believe that they actually have to believe in the notion of
private property, and constitutional limited government. Sally Kohn: Who the F*** have you ever met
in this entire world who doesn’t believe in individual liberty? Ben Shapiro: Are you kidding me? (Crowd Boos) Ben Shapiro: This is legitimately fully delusional. (Crowd Erupts in Applause) Ben Shapiro: By Gallup Polls, 99% of the population
of Afghanistan believes in the implementation of Sharia Law. Thats not an individual freedom. Sally Kohn: Politifact checked you on that
and said that, guys hold on I know we had a fact free election, I understand, but you
can’t repeat lies enough and hope they become facts. Thats not true. You are misrepresenting Sharia Law, and you
are using Sharia Law to suggest that everyone who believes in Sharia Law believes in extremism. Gallup the same organization…guys go get
out in the world! Ben Shapiro: Sally… Sally Kohn: Gallup said that 7% of actual…okay go
ahead that that’s fine. Ben Shapiro: I recommend, and if you believe
that, you try to go to a Sharia Law believing Muslim and ask them to cater your Lesbian
wedding. (Crowd Eruopts into Applause)