Experiencing Nigerian vs  American schooling  | Free.S.T.yle | Winter 18:10

Experiencing Nigerian vs American schooling | Free.S.T.yle | Winter 18:10

September 14, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

and I said something that I probably
shouldn’t have said thinking about it now but I mean how are you guys and
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York City area it’s a freestyle week so I wanted to talk about a very important
topic my experiences with schools I attended back home and hear in US
alright so let’s get to it I love that I get to go back in time with you guys to
the schools I attended back in my home country Nigeria compared to the ones I
attended here in the States so thank God for YouTube I’ll also be able to watch
this video many years to come hopefully I really wish I started Youtubing many years ago because I think I have some sort of memory problem mostly
detailed memory loss for the purpose of this video though I’ll only talk about
memories that stand out from all the schools I’ve attended I was born in Lagos
State this is usually the State where I believe most people who travel to
Nigeria visit first I don’t remember much from the first school I attended
called Police Children school but I do remember seeing a class picture later on
when I was older in our family photo album which I don’t have here the
pictures are all you know back home my mom and I actually lived with my parent
and gran will with my grandparents when I was about four years old here and the
picture was taken around maybe 1991 in the one in the picture I remember seeing
my mom who was also a teacher in that school myself
and the rest of my Primary one class that I was apparently a part of
equivalent to first grade here in the States
I also remember my parents telling me stories where she would try to get a
seat on an overcrowded public bus by putting me through the window of the bus
and then telling the bus conductor she had to get to her daughter basically
basically getting transportation was a hassle back then and that was one of the
ways you know that people would resort to doing you know to get a sit on the
bus, so earlier on in my parents marriage, they were living apart due to their
jobs you know then my mom and I moved to Osun State where my dad was I had a
little brother by now I was maybe five years old and the year was 1992, I
remember attending this very small school not far from my house called
Osun State College Primary school it was the only school I attended I had a
school bus I believe another school had a school
bus but this was one that I used actually so my brother and I ayyended only one
grade here for me that was Primary 2 equivalent to second grade nothing much
really happen here for me but I do remember my parents saying I discovered
the swing here and that my uniform was always dirty, brown as brown can be by
the time I came home, even my uniform what, even if my uniform was washed dried, cleaned and pressed the night before it would come back dirty dirty dirty brown
by the time by the time they picked me up and then we had to move again
about 30 minutes to an hour away from where we lived, then I started attending
a Catholic school called Saint Franciscan primary school I did my third fourth and
fifth grade in that school from 93 to around 95, by now I was about eight years
old and not a much really not much really happened here in this school
but I do remember getting an infected knee that made me walk very funny for an
eight-year-old right because of the pain I was in so much pain so because of the
pain I was in I was walking funny, my knee got so swollen and painful and
after a while without medical treatment it started oozing a lot of yucky stuff
okay I don’t think I’ve ever fallen ill except for this, I think I got a septic
knee from kneeling down because you know that’s how we show respect to our elders
and you know like how Chinese bow Chinese people will bow, we kneel down on
the floor so I think I might have scraped my knee on some dirt or
something and bacteria entered it and that was my first run-in with clinics in
Nigeria so anyway I believe that’s where my love for nursing came from anyway
alright, a nurse had made an impression on me when I was being treated, while
schooling at Saint Franciscan my parents also made money you know farming, things were very tough around this time and the only way that we could make money was to
fund my dad had some experiences with his dad so we were able to grow yam and
peppers and corns and other things and one thing that I definitely enjoyed
about that time was that I loved helping my dad in his plantation I don’t
remember a time when I helped my mom in the kitchen but I was always with my dad
so this made me very independent at a very young age and I um even now as an
adult I always find myself telling people you know “it’s okay, you don’t have
to help me, you know, I’m not helpless I can I can do it” it’s really what I want
to say if I need help I’ll ask you know not in any proud way but I’ve always
learned to do tough tasks myself so anyway I don’t want to go to
another topic so from Osun State then we had to
move agaim back to my grandma’s house in Lagos State, my grandpa had passed on
by this time, my dad won us lottery and he would travel to the States so my
schooling adventure continued that ended in primary five in Osun State and then
the adventure continued in Shadel Montessori high school in 1996, I’ll tell
you something about this school, do, the reason we started attending the school
my brother and I my immediate brother and I is because when my mom went to the
school literally my mom looked up and the ceiling was like oh my goodness eye-
catching and my mom said this is the school you’re going to I kid you not, we
went to the school because of the ceiling okay I’m telling you so anyway I
actually love this school I had to repeat primary five I don’t know for
some reason 5th grade that’s fifth grade equivalent here I had to repeat it I
don’t know why, I learnt the Montessori way of spelling and then I finished my
primary school education the year after there was a time I
thought I would attend boarding school in another State for my secondary school
secondary school education and actually I had to cut my hair in preparation for
that but that ended up not happening so now I ended up bald and needed another
high school to go to. mm-hmm and later came back to Lagos
again and started attending Distinct Medal College DMC I call it and lasted
only one year in this school a year and a half
or so because two phenomenal incidents happen here, this was the first time I
passed out okay that’s number one thank anybody now I was most likely dehydrated
for some reason, okay I remember vividly Nigeria’s national anthem I blacked out and I do remember we were
on the school assembly where all the students of the entire school
you know stood and the teachers would be in the front and I passed out flat-out
passed out, all I saw was one of the teachers you know some of the teachers
running towards me and they picked me up and took me to the school’s clinic so
hmm as a Nigerian kid when you pass out
right? All hell breaks loose, what’s going on, what
happened why did she pass out? so I was given a liter of fluids and I had the
most delicious I’m over sweetened and concentrated chocolate milk thinking
about it now, oh my gosh, it was so good I was maybe 10 or 11 years old here and
trust me I loved the attention the second incident in this private school
was that, I’m pausing the second incident in this private school was that there
were probably less than ten students in a class so basically in my class there
was about six students I think and then we had male twins enroll and join
our class, the twins are actually in London now you know they’re living their
lives, they’re married with kids anyway we had down time on this glorious and
beautiful day and we were talking and you know gisting and I said something
that I probably shouldn’t have said thinking about it now but I mean we were
just gisting right? so I said “after the twins we haven’t had any student join us
what’s going on what’s going on you guys must be blocking the door of our class”
hmm that’s all I said I didn’t curse, I didn’t ‘shepe’ for anybody, I did not
say a bad word I did not wish someone dead, I did not
wish someone ill all right but apparently the principal of the school
was walking around at that same exact time I
was talking and all she did was call me into her office, she accused me me me of
blocking the door of that class so that students wouldn’t come into the class
Who am I? what’s my own? what’s my business? am i I’m in the school to learn
you know are they paying me anyway I forgot it whole details about you know the whole
thing but I do remember the end of it all was that I had to leave I had to
leave the school okay that was the end of the story I had to leave and let’s
just let’s just you know disrupt an innocent child’s school education system
career over nonsense right so I left the school because of that, that didn’t
even hurt me right there was a book that was gifted to me around that same time
by one of my seniors then the principal seized it from me why I don’t know I
never saw that book ever again this simple story is is a big thing that
happened in my life that I sometimes don’t even want to remember but I just
thank God that that’s over, from that incident I kind of retreated and
wouldn’t speak or really talk about my inner thoughts, my parents at this time
were not with us and going through all this really was very tough this might be
the reason why I forget things easily you know because I just try not to
hold on to anything seriously in particular so the moral of the story is
that when you’re living your life always remember that nothing just happens just
for it to happen God is the master planner and he knows the beginning from
the end I believe now from the bottom from the bottom of my heart that God
just saved me from a bigger problem and put me in a safe place instead, while I
was attending on the primary school you know Shadel Montessori primary school
they didn’t have high school then that was one of the reasons I had to attend
another high school in the first place but thank God by the end of the
accusation issue that me I was the one holding the class and not
letting people come in, as if I am the gate man and they had a gate man as if I
was the gate man of the class so anyway after all that Shadel
International High School was born and they were building it at the time so by
the time although all that issue was over Shadel International High School
was enrolling students and there I found myself I attended junior secondary
school on the second and the third part and then I I finished my senior
secondary one and the beginning of SS two when the plans to travel to um
United States and you know reunite with my parents came to pass, so the classes
were that I attended in that high school was equivalent to the eighth
grade ninth grade and tenth grade I was about to start 11th grade when we came
here to the States the awesome experience I had here was
with the schools Inter-house sport, you know Shadel International High School
had and it’s not most actually most high schools in Nigeria most schools in
Nigeria have um they call it International House International how
sports how sports where they have a blue house green house yellow house and you
know just primary colors and green house so I was in the Yellow house which
actually made me like yellow the best that’s why yellow is my favorite color
ok wink wink for the future the entire school students were pre-divided into
these teams and I was in the Yellow house you know team and I was voted to
be the team’s Queen you know cuz I got a pretty face, don’t I? yeah right so one of
the senior students on our team back then you know she made me up that was
actually my first stint of make up my senior she made me
up I put a wig on, the most beautiful gown you know, loan I won’t mention her
name here because I don’t have a permission but she was one of the people
that left an incredible impression on incredible positive impression on me I
felt like a queen on that day and I’ve never been so happy in my life
back then this is why yellow is my favorite color, I had a good time
here in the States reunited with my family I had to start over from tenth
grade at Curtis High School you know in New York City and because of my age they
had to pull me back back one grade and then that was also when I started my
nursing my nursing career, life was definitely different with relearning who
my parents were in a new country their believes their values and parenting was
also their parenting was modified from what I knew, schooling was very different
I missed my friends and my neighbors you know my mentality then was that once we
leave we won’t be able to see them or talk to them again, I was depressed you
know that was when Facebook came out originally and became popular and I was
able to reconnect with with them but the relationship wasn’t the same you know
just like any relationship I took public transportation to school
and was told to go to school and come right back home
high school was horrid here oh my goodness it wasn’t like back home I
pretended through it all just like my pregnancies, students made fun of my
shoes my accent and boy did I even retire into my shell the more okay I’m
talking too much now, I tried to be like some of the students in my class and
joined the running team after a while I was asking myself “why why am i punishing myself who’s running after me why did I joined the running team who’s running
after me? and figuratively and physically I was just
done I was always the last in every competition, I was alone a lot so I just
quit the team I’m like forget this, then I found another another team lawn tennis
which I love but I quit that too I was finding myself and where I had
belonged but just the thing it didn’t work out in high school
unfortunately my self-esteem was so low because I had acne also, you know back
home I could have eaten all the peanuts I could have and not get a lick of
pimple but here one peanut could give me maybe five to six bumps on my head
painful ones too so that kind of had a negative impact on my life and I was
still trying to get used to the the food here too
I finished high school at 17 years old still unsure of myself, my achievements
and what laid ahead of me this was around 2004 I was off to college I went you
know pursuing nursing further, the funny thing that happened to me in high school
that I would never forget though before I move on to college is that one night I
had vegetables the night before going to school and by the next morning I was
having a lot of stomach trouble, while I was on the bus it felt like everyone
could hear my stomach growling and grumbling, I had to poop and I tried so
hard to hold it till like go to school every step I took whoo was with hot
prayer, I remembered my dad’s office was not far from from my school so and my
dad was still at home because I had to leave earlier to get to school on time so
I made it to the office but the office was closed and trust me I lost all hope
my G.I. system just released the unimaginable, my pants my shoes
everything soiled I didn’t eat vegetable for a long time
after that, trust me, I was so glad didn’t happen in my school my life would
have been over as if it wasn’t over already like that would have been second
death I’m always glad that I didn’t attend University back in my country
there’s so many things there’s so many stories that could have that could have
happened you know like the professor not giving me my grade but I deserve because
I didn’t sleep with him or the cult member that would be chasing me or
bribing professors just so I can get my grades and many more, I thought I
attended a local college here for my undergraduate nursing program that took
me five years to complete nothing special you know really happened out of
the ordinary in college except I was still finding my way and then I found my
husband, I started my master’s program before we got married and I wanted to
finish the program actually before I started having kids but that didn’t
happen the children came first before I finished, it was tough but I’m glad
that’s over all I get to do now is focus on my
children’s success there was a lot of moving when I was younger and I’m hoping
to keep that to a minimum for my children so that they can grow in a
consistent and uninterrupted manner, there was also that period of five years that
we weren’t with our parents and even though my aunt and my grandma did an
awesome awesome awesome job raising us in that critical time period of our
lives I still would have preferred prefer to be with my parents so for me I
hope that there won’t be a situation where I would be separated from my you
know for my kids so anyway the moral of all this rambling is to cherish every
moment, every experience, every situation, every hardship, every disappointment,
every negative time of your life you know, cherish them because with with all
that will come growth, it’ll come wisdom and a life of fulfillment. now to you guys
have you experienced anything close to what I have? have you ever moved a lot
when you were younger? what were the consequences that you felt you know that
you experienced and you know any separation from your from your parents
while groing up you know do share your experiences I always love going back in
time and just relive memories you know these are the things that make make you
grow and really enjoy your life whether you’ve had positive experiences or
negative experiences I want to thank you very much for staying with me to the
very end I didn’t mean for this to be this long but I do hope you enjoyed
every minute of it and I hope you learn something new about me today so that’s
all for now you guys if you’re new to this channel once again my name is Laraddiji
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