Engineering Honors Community of Scholars

September 19, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

ECOS stands for The Engineering Honors Community
of Scholars and it basically represents the students that live on campus and are apart
of engineering honors. This community brings together the engineering
honors students to help them adjust to college socially and academically. It has positively impacted me by giving me
people i can just be with and surround myself to really feel like i am at home at A&M and
to help me succeed to be the best engineer i can be. With all engineering honors students, people
with a variety of interests and engineering majors. You get to talk to people who are passionate
about a lot different things. I think it has been really interesting to
see some of the interesting projects people work on and be inspired by that. ECOS helps freshman stay in engineering honors
and it helps them get adjusted and they get lots of friends right off the bat. Every week we arrange these academic events,
for example, my squad offers about 5 to 6 hours of academic support almost every week. So, that’s a big support to freshmen. The other thing is there are so many opportunities
at Texas A&M that it is hard to navigate and find which opportunities best suit you when
you find your passion and I think we as mentors or ECOS fellow and ECOS coaches help freshmen
find those opportunities early so they can find and engage in the activities they are
passionate about sooner.