Education in Wales is changing (Saesneg/English)

February 28, 2020 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

The cottages and houses
The villages and towns The streets and the communities
This is our common ground Here every hour’s an inspiration
Every day’s a legacy Every life finds its foundation
Where we learn who we could be School
Where Wales was made Where Grand Slam winners learned to play
Where Welsh artists, singers, actors, thinkers First stepped onto the stage
To shine They saw the world with new eyes
Made hadron particles collide There’ve been four Welsh winners of the
Nobel Prize And someone somewhere right now might
Be dreaming of becoming Number five And so it’s time
To make our mark To say this is where our journey starts
It’s time to show the world What Wales knows
How strong we can stand How tall we can grow
That we’ve got ideas And skills we can share
What brought us here Can take us anywhere What vision will we bring to life?
How far will our ambition fly? We’re the world shapers
The future makers We are #TeamWales