Educating Young Workers | Ep. 3 How To Address Being Treated Unfairly At Work

October 4, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Episode three: How to address being
treated unfairly at work. Oh hello. If you feel you’re being
treated unfairly at work what should you do?
Maybe meal breaks are going missing, hours worked don’t match hours paid or
Gary keeps taking your stapler and when he gives it back there are no staples
left. I mean it was full when you took it Gary who could you possibly be stapling
that needs so many staples? I mean we work in a paperless office! You know some other relatable scenario. When you feel like your rights are being violated at
work bringing it up can be uncomfortable. Follow these three steps to work out the
issue and find a resolution. Step 1. Set a time to have the conversation when
you’re cool calm and collected. Don’t have the conversation when everyone is emotional. It’s just a stapler after all. Whatever. Make it clear that you want to come to a
resolution and plan a time in the near future to have a chat so everyone is
prepared to move forward in a comfortable and reasonable way. Step 2. Take the time to prepare and gain an understanding of your rights and
entitlements. Your employer may not be across all their obligations, so it’s
worth checking to make sure your entitlements are being fulfilled. Head to
the Fair Work website to find out what rights you have and while you’re online
why not check out It’s got lots of cool stuff on there,
all of the latest models. No, no I’m not obsessed. I just, I miss my stapler. How
dare you. Step 3. Have a conversation and ask: “What’s up?” I know this may feel
uncomfortable but that’s totally normal. If the issue is about pay or agreement
conditions clarify what award you’re on and what entitlements you are owed.
Mistakes happen and if there’s a discrepancy your employer will probably
want to sort it out. If you need to talk to your employer have examples and
evidence to back you up. Stick to the issue don’t make it personal and don’t
go in with your claws out. Leave that to the professionals.
Like Wolverine and other claw handed folk like crabs or whatever. So, where too from here? If trying to sort it out directly with your employer doesn’t work, there are places where you can seek help. Bigger businesses might have a
Human Resources team who can look into issues or mediate discussions. Wait if they’re a bigger business, they might have a whole stationery department. With hundreds of staplers as far as the eye can see. Okay that’s besides the point umm. Remember the Fair Work Ombudsman is
there to help if it all gets bit too much. Or if you’re a member of a union
you can ask them for help too. Oh Gary. he made me an apology card out of staples. You do get me. Maybe we’re not so different after all. Resolving workplace and stapler issues.