Educating Armenia

October 11, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Dalarik is a middle-sized village
and has a population of 3,000 people. It has a beautiful name.
It means a ‘green place’. However, the village
does not live up to its name. The population is not in a good state –
the majority of people are unemployed. Most pupils want to continue
their studies at university, but many are not able
to due to financial difficulties. The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)
runs rural development programmes based on giving children
new opportunities for advancement, for growth. COAF identified
the problem in the villages with children unable
to continue their education. This is when we approached HSBC because
we realised HSBC values education. HSBC was generous enough
to donate $20,000 to launch the scholarship programme. 20 village kids will have a chance to get a university education
in Yerevan, in the capital. This year a wonderful thing
happened to me. I was given a scholarship by
the Children of Armenia Fund and HSBC. This year I graduated from school and have been admitted
to Yerevan State University. I study in the faculty of pharmacology. As HSBC in Armenia
we believe that we have a responsibility for the long-term prosperity of the communities that we serve and we believe
that long-term responsibility can best be achieved
by helping the communities in education. One wonderful aspect about this
programme that makes it different is that the scholarship recipients
have to give back to their community while enrolled in college. I have chosen the issue of rubbish
as I don’t like the dirty environment. There is rubbish everywhere. There are no bins, and because of the
rubbish, there are a lot of diseases. I am going to form
a group of volunteers. The school council and pupils themselves
will take part in this project and together we will organise
rubbish disposal. We will start the procedure
of removing it, and the village will finally be clean. After studying and graduating
from the university here, I plan to continue my studies abroad, in order to become
the best possible specialist to create and discover new medication that will be useful for humanity
and help cure diseases.