Educated English Speaking Beggar || B.Com(H) || CA

September 28, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Is how do you drink your food everyday | Arrange gets || You take less how the day? There is no fix income | approximately 200-250 rupees 200-250 And be educated how you? Advantages no Janke? Benefit there? Do not tell tell you? I B.Com (Hons) | Yes! I B.Com (Hons) | one second ! BCom (Hons)? O God! But are these reasons? Just because i like (speaks beggar is “because I like it” I enjoy my Life Like this- (speaks beggar is “because I have a sensation of pleasure in life |” You enjoy your Life Like this? – (gives you the sensation of pleasure in live?) | A minute Just wait! Please just wait? We want to Sanjidgise talk to you? We really want you to be a good thing? Please wait? If you are doing this? Oh Maapana i am carrying sail Man | And i am doing? Well I do not have any of your identity card So, Why do not you go and get it? (Why you build are not? Beggar-Where? (Beggar-called? Is made Surrey Center to build identity card | Have tried | their efforts to work? try! The work I did 14-15 years | Who has worked in several of the company? Chartered Accountant “was I | CA has? Why are you even still it clean? Time Pass | I sat empty | If you are ours want India Clear? You see – “India who do not want to clean up!” But to no one wants!