EDUCATED by Tara Westover | Book Club Discussion

October 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hey readers, thank you so much for
reading along with us in book club this month as you know we read Educated by
Tara Westover and we absolutely loved it We really love this book.
if you don’t know really what it’s about Tara Westover recounts her experiences
growing up in a survivalist family in the mountains of Idaho, and I mean the
things that she experienced while she was a child It’s really disturbing.
it’s kind of hard to read but it really sheds light on a whole part of the
country that I feel like people normally don’t think about, and this is her
journey to breaking free from those boundaries and also pursuing an
education to craft a future for herself [CAPTIONS END – TURN ON SOUND!]