DePaul:  Our Ethos – Urban Educated.  World Ready.

DePaul: Our Ethos – Urban Educated. World Ready.

September 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Everybody’s here and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We
invite absolutely everybody, faculty of every faith and none; students of every
faith and none and we go, “together: let’s make the world better.” We have heated
discussion sometimes and during those discussions the students really do respect each
other, they value each other’s opinions they may not agree with each other but
they disagree with each other in a very respectful way. The Vincentian values as a lens is very powerful tool for evaluating ideas ethics and morality of particular actions. You know, how do we tie that
back into something that relates to our personal values rather than what’s written on the page of a textbook. It enables us to animate our curriculum through engaging with the city, engaging with communities,
and engaging with underserved populations in a way that is very much
in the ethos of the university’s Vincentian Catholic and urban identity. You have
such a wide variety of people then it’s so great to have this melting pot. There are so many groups coming together trying to make something. It’s not a
faceless institution, in fact there is a lot of personalism here and a lot of care and a lot of reaching out,
and that’s a nice community to be a part of even as you’re part of the larg urban energy
surrounding you. I think that by having diverse views and opinions and even being exposed to different cultures, religions, and ethnicities: Those help you become a more
well-rounded person. I receive a great deal of gratitude throughout Chicago
when people talk about our students. When they talk about what a difference they’ve made in their businesses. how they have a work ethic that actually succeeds. when they walk in
without a sense of entitlement but instead want to be a contributor to the
workplace in some way and that’s DePaul’s heart.