Dance Moms: Yolanda REFUSES TO MOVE (Season 8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

September 25, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

I’m fed up with these mothers. STACEY: Ann, we have
a surprise for you. What? We knew you had a
bad day, so vodka. They’re just– they’re bigger
idiots than the last group. – Here.
– Thanks. You brought the– Do you like Grey Goose? Do you like Grey Goose? No, I don’t, actually. ASHLEY: Take little sips. Just take little sips. Oh, good. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, no.
It’s just water. Don’t be afraid to drink it. It’s like 8 o’clock
in the morning. Spirit of the group
dance, [INAUDIBLE] Cheers to water. Yeah, cheers to that. And what– and what
the day may twirl in. We might be filling it
with something else later. Well, by later, we
might need something else. We might need
something stronger. Pretty sure we will. All of us downstairs. Miss Abby wants us. ABBY LEE MILLER: We are
leaving for Virginia tomorrow. When I said this is
hell week, I meant because of the dance being
about hazing and hell week at a university. But this has actually
been hell week for me. Hello.
Good morning. Hi. I’ve got good news. Well, I’m glad
somebody has good news. We’re just trying to solidify
some final details in regards to her curriculum. Her curriculum in California did
not transfer to the curriculum here in Pennsylvania, so
most likely then Elliana can learn her solo tonight. OK, but Yolanda, let
me tell you something. Your child gets 45
minutes and that’s it. Gianna, do you hear me? Yeah. Not a minute more. OK. ABBY LEE MILLER:
Pressley, you better win because you’re going to look
like a jerk if that kid shows up, doesn’t even get a lesson,
and still goes on the stage and beats you. I was hoping that Pressley
would see Elliana, and be in the room with
her, and realize what she has to do to beat this kid. I mean, Elliana is a whole
year younger than Pressley. Pressley should be doing
more advanced work. But now, with Elliana
not even in the room, it’s going to be the
same old Pressley. And that is not a good thing. All right. Girls, we’re going to run
the dance again from the top. Let’s go. Don’t get too close
to the strangler, Lilly. YOLANDA: Don’t, Lilly. Oh, my god. Lilly, be afraid. You never know what’s
going to happen, Lilly. Lilly, focus. Don’t listen to the
business in the corner. YOLANDA: Abby, so
what is– what would be the problem with Elliana
not coming into this? Because you know her older
brother is in a frat, so she can definitely
pick this up quickly. How does Elliana
learn the group routine if she’s not in here dancing? I think Yolanda is cuckoo. That woman is bat [BLEEP] crazy. Moms, go. You’re out of here. Here. You take the paddle. And you are going to
start with Joanne and then Ann and then that one. Why can’t you
just start with her? ABBY LEE MILLER: No. You’ve got to warm up. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on, Glitter Bug. ABBY LEE MILLER: All right.
Come on. We have work to do. Let’s run it. [MUSIC PLAYING] It doesn’t feel
like a team anymore because Brady’s already left. Now, Savannah’s gone. Now, it’s only,
like, five people. And I feel like this group
dance, it’s, like, really fast. And I don’t know if we’re
going to make every single move really clean, but
we’re just going to have to practice and make
everything sharp and precise so it doesn’t look sloppy. ASHLEY: Oh, you’re in
Stacey’s seat, actually. Oh, there are
no assigned seats. Yeah, we have– we’ve been– we were here. Her stuff’s there.
You’re, like, in her seat. She can sit there.
She can sit here. But there are no assigned seats. MICHELLE: I think you
need to, like, move. Like, that’s Stacy’s stuff. STACEY: So who’s she
watching, our kids? Because she doesn’t
have a kid in there. She forgot her kid again. Stacey, you are fired up. You are just fired up. ASHLEY: Actually, she’s
not, but you need to move. YOLANDA: Actually, I don’t. There are no assigned seats. Like, this isn’t kindergarten. ASHLEY: Why are you here? She’s not even dancing. Because I want to go
ahead and see what’s going on if this is
part of, like, a team. ASHLEY: But you’re not
being a team player. You can move and sit over there. So don’t act like you
want to be part of a team. Yolanda, get up and move. I’m not going to. You need to move. You actually are going to. No, actually, I’m not. I want to sit where
I want to sit. You’re actually
going to get up. OK. What are you going to do? You’re going to get up. What are you going to do? Is that a threat? I think you’re threatening me. Yolanda, where is your child? The teacher who doesn’t provide
education for her daughter doesn’t even have a kid dancing. I mean, what are you, going
to sit up here by yourself and watch all our kids? If you guys want to, yeah. ASHLEY: OK. Well, can you kindly move your
seat so Stacey can come back? I’m not moving. Who the hell does
Yolanda think she is? Get up and leave, and worry
about getting your daughter’s schooling in order. OK, great. Can you move your seat please? No.