Course Income Secrets – Is Higher Education Really Dead?

September 28, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hey, my friend! So are you wondering if higher education is dead. I mean, you’re going to college or university. Maybe you’re thinking about it or maybe you did. Maybe you’re thinking about their kids and you’re wondering, is it dead? Is it really worth spending the hundreds of thousands to go to higher education? We’re going to talk about that in a second. But first this, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from course income strategies. So higher education, you know, it’s university, it’s colleges and of course around the world, it’s different. The United States is probably the most expensive education system there is out there. You know other countries like come in Canada you know we have free college but University we have to pay for it and I’d say it’s like half of what it would be in the States or even the last, maybe a quarter and then there’s some other countries out there that it’s free but whether the education and is is free or not, there’s still the question as is it teaching the right things to our young minds, right? And I was listening to Danny Iny, he’s he’s an author of several books and one of his books that you I’ll have to look up the name actually I put it in the description there but in that book, he talks about how the education system you know, has been changing over the years. Has been you know, doubling in price over the last decades and is becoming super expensive and how more and more people are more and more jobs are requiring educate higher education and that means more and more people are going through the education system to get those degrees so that they can get those jobs and because more and more people you know they’re saying the statistics now is like 20% of everybody that gets a job has has a higher education certificate and you know because it’s higher than the dilutes. You know the value first for educate for for for businesses. You know that looking to hire somebody and it also makes it less well it makes it less valuable right so it makes it less important to have that degree and maybe you have to have a bigger degree, a better degree. You know go in the Harvard versus versus a Community College or things like that, right? Where you spend $400,000 in your education versus $50,000 right? So of course a $400,000 dollar education is supposed to be better than the 50 and it’ll be better in because of the brain because those are the different things because because those those education systems do teach things that maybe their colleges don’t and they have you know better alumni system. Anyways all these things they still have value but the thing you have to question in is is whether that is what people are you know people need right? The education system whether it’s teaching our thing is up and the thing is one thing that he mentions and I totally agree with is that it doesn’t matter whether we believe like as entrepreneurs, right? We know that there’s lots of things that are taught in in education that our kids need to learn that we need to learn and lots of that’s not taught because it’s all theory and everything else but this that’s beside the point because education will always have a value because the more and and and the system’s will always produce students that people want to hire if they do it right and that’s going to improve over the years and the price is going to go up and the the danger is that you know twenty years ago you could have an education at the University and pay off the loan after 4 or 5 years right of working. Today you basically if you go to university you’re basically I have a student debt almost all your life, right? And they’re saying that that’s gonna that’s not gonna get better. It’s gonna get worse so you know the educators or employees gonna to pay more. Anyways, it’s a mess. It is a mess and is it dead? It’s not dead. I nobody nobody will say that it’s dead. What is happening though is that a lot more companies are starting to value self education. They’re starting value you know like for example there there’s the he was talking about GE that put in place GE University which is basically you know training for their employees because they needed to learn things that the education system didn’t teach them that had to do with whatever GE you know that their employees needed to know, right? So that became what some companies, a lots of companies are doing that now. You look at LinkedIn training. You looked at the Udemy. You looked at you know even my port portal that I’m putting together. It’s gonna be, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about putting in place education that’s geared towards the employer, geared towards the discipline, geared towards the the environment that the persons in their exact their skills their their their their tasks that they have to perform right? So that isn’t you’re not going to learn that in a university. They’re not gonna put together a university course just for you know GE employees that do accounting at GE, right? It’s too specific so that’s so that’s gonna separate. I mean, what needs to be taught in universities and and and colleges obviously that’s not the discussion here and but that’s gonna have to adapt to but there is an immense and immense opportunity for anybody who’s who’s trying to teach anything or even want to be part of the the movement that’s happening right now. The e-learning boom that’s happening right now. That is this just growing you know you should want to be part of that because anybody who’s online, who’s trying to build a brand, who’s trying to do that personal brand, who’s trying to do attraction marketing, who’s trying to to build an audience and you know you’re gonna you’re gonna be part of that no matter what you do. Whether you whether you embrace it or not. Whether you you know take action to make some income from it by by taking part in affiliate programs, by selling other people’s courses or promoting other people’s courses or by making your own courses. You’re gonna either benefit from it or you’re just gonna see going by, right? So the higher education is it dead or not? It’s not dead like I said but it’s not it’s not you know healthy if you will reap now but because so much of the society believes in it and his writing and investments are in there, it’s not going to be it’s not going to change much and for the next you know 50 years, right? So we got to just let that be but then on the side, we got to build what you know the industry needs, what the educators need. Well, not the education but employers need, what the employers need, what the what the the workers need, the kind of infrastructure that they need to support their employees and that the employees need to learn the skills to support the employers, right? So those are the things that we’re focusing on here at course income secrets and in my brand as well and you know that’s just what has to happen Alright, so hope you enjoyed this message and if you think anybody else needs to hear it of course, go ahead and share. They’d appreciate it I’m sure and I will, too. And we’ll see you in the next video. Have yourself a wonderful thing.