November 10, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– (FBE) Okay, so today
we are going to go back in time. – Are we going to watch Doctor Who? – Something to do with the ’90s? I have no idea! – Oh gosh. Teens React? – (FBE) We are going to show you a picture
from your very first episode of React. – No way! That’s super exciting. And kind of cringy
because I was so fetus. – Baby Bri. I wonder if I’ve changed. I don’t know. It’s so weird, you know? – Oh my god. I am not ready! That was years ago, first of all, and I feel like since then
I’ve had a major glow up. Any time I look at photos of myself
from more than three years ago, I cringe a little bit. – What? It is interesting how
this was four-ish years ago. I’m very disappointed in my posture. I’ve been working on it, so you know. I’m trying to sit up straighter. But you, young lady,
you stand up straight! – Oh my goodness. That sweater. I thought that sweater was so cute,
and I was so excited to wear it. Looking at this, I’m not really making
the connection that it’s me. I feel like I’m looking at another person. – (laughing) I’m such a derp! Dang, me with my Justin Bieber hairdo. The swoop was the style. – (FBE) We are also
going to show you a video. – Oh god. – (FBE) It is appearances
of you in your very first episode. – No! – You clever things, you. – Great. Now I’m going to cringe. Ai-yah. (laughing) (groaning) – (FBE) Do you remember
what the topic was? – Twilight. At the time, I was so obsessed. – It was Gangnam Style, wasn’t it? Ugh, I started dancing like such a dweeb. – (Edward) I take you, Bella Swan–
– (Kennedy) Bella! – I was 15. That was five years ago. That’s so crazy! – (Kennedy) Twilight, all the way! – Ugh! Ay, ugh. Who was I? Why was I like that? – (FBE) So what was that? – (Kennedy) The trailer
of Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which I want to see so badly. – I honestly can’t remember
if I even ended up seeing it. And if I did, I can’t remember
what happens. – (FBE) So are you a fan
of the Twilight saga? – (Kennedy) I’m a Twihard. – That term! It’s gross. I hate it. (laughing) Who came up with that term? Why was I proud
of identifying as a Twihard? – (FBE) And so are you Team Edward,
Team Jacob, or Team I Don’t Care? – (Kennedy) I probably would choose Edward
just because he sparkles. – I was Team Edward for the longest time, and I had a poster
of him right above my bed. I was so in love
with Edward and Robert Pattinson. – (FBE) What about the fact
that in Twilight vampires sparkle? – (Kennedy) Who wouldn’t
want a boyfriend that sparkles? – (groaning softly) I remember saying this. I take that back. I would not want
a boyfriend that sparkles. My standards are a lot higher now. – (FBE) And what do you think
the Twilight stories teach people? Is there any message? – (Kennedy) I don’t know.
I didn’t really learn anything. – (laughing) I love
how brutally honest I was. – (FBE) What do you want to say
to the Twilight lovers out there? – (Kennedy) Love you guys! Woo! – This is so embarrassing! I was definitely a Twihard back then. I remember my friend
and I literally waited outside of Walmart for two hours in the freezing cold. That’s how obsessed I was. – (FBE) And what would
you say to the Twilight haters? – (Kennedy) There’s no reason
to hate on Twilight. – I mean, there is. You know, everyone has their own opinion. I am probably letting my past self down. I’m sure she’d be kind of upset
and mad at me, but that’s life. – (FBE) And, finally, are you going to see
Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1? – (Kennedy) Of course! – (chuckling) I was so enthusiastic. It’s so crazy how much
you can change in five years. – (Tom) Why is he on a horse farm? – A horse farm? I said a horse farm! They farm horses. – (Psy) ♪ Oopa gangnam style ♪ – (Tom) Pfft! (laughing) What? – I still have the same doofy laugh though. – (FBE) Can you do any of the dance moves? – ♪ (humming song) ♪ – Ugggh. That’s one of my biggest regrets, honestly, is the little almost inaudible sounds
that come out of me in that. I don’t have many regrets in life,
but that’s one of them. – (FBE) What was this guy doing? – (Tom) He was doing
that horse thing everywhere. – (laughing) Why’d you guys bring me back?! This is so bad! – (Tom) I’m going to YouTube Psy.
– I did. – (Tom) I have to listen
to some more K-pop. I’m hooked.
(laughing) I’m going to start– it’s going to be on my iPod
by the next time you guys– – iPod, I remember that. – (Tom) Jamming out to K-pop.
– (laughing) (groaning) I do have a K-pop playlist though now, so I told the truth. I’m not lying. – (man) Hello, Jeremiah. – (Jeremiah) I am 12 years old.
– That’s weird. – (Jeremiah) I’m knowing
about my own future. That’s cool. – (man) Well, I’m glad that pleases you. – Side glance. – (Jeremiah) Do you still draw Roy? – (man) No.
– (Brianna) Aww. – (man) I don’t draw much anymore. – That still gets me. I do like that hand. I think I still got it. – (FBE) Do you think that this is real,
that it was really him at twelve? – (Brianna) I think it’s real. – I think it’s real. – (FBE) Why do you think it’s real? – (Brianna) Well, it looked like him. – (giggling) It did look like him. – (FBE) Does the guy seem happy
with the way that his life turned out? – (Brianna) I think,
for the sake of the video and for comedy purposes,
he was upset about it. But really, he was just trying
to be funny, which he was. – I think too incriminating. I feel like this is about to get real. – (FBE) What kind of thoughts
did it give you watching someone talking to themself in the past like this? – (Brianna) How would your younger self
react to how you are now? – Stop! This is inception nonsense! – (FBE) If you could ask yourself
in the future a question, what would you ask yourself? – (Brianna) Does it turn out well?
– I’m better off than you! With love. – (FBE) And, finally,
look into the camera. This is your chance to say
one final thing to yourself in the future. – (Brianna) Have you done everything
that you wanted to do? Get on top of that! – I tell myself that every day, Bri. (laughing) I don’t need
to hear it from you too. I already hear it from me. – (FBE) How does it feel to watch yourself
on the show over the years? – It’s definitely a really strange thing. Sometimes when you kind of grow up, you kind of suppress
the way that you were years ago. I completely forgot
that Twilight was a thing that I was so interested in back then. Watching that, you would kind of think,
okay, that’s maybe going to, you know, carry on through
the rest of her adult years, but it most definitely did not. – It’s cool. I have a document
of what I looked like and who I was from my past up until my present. It’s also super duper cringy
at having a video yearbook of every embarrassing thing
that I’ve said and done over the years. ♪ (industrial music) ♪