College Kids React To And Try 3 Troom Troom Crafts (Do They Work?)

October 23, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– (voice-over) Sprinkle the banana
with edible glitter. – Who?! Why? – I made a mess. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (voice-over) We got
a new prank compilation to show you. – Pranks?
– (voice-over) You’ll see amazing… – I love slime. – (voice-over) …and other
incredible things. – Is this a YouTube channel?
– Is this Troom Troom? – (voice-over) A funny cake prank
will make you laugh together with your friends…
– What is this? – Is this a 5-Minute Crafts
but worse? – (FBE) We’ll need a cardboard box.
– Okay. I have one of those. – (voice-over) Trace a balloon
on a piece of paper. – Is this that weird channel
that does silly DIY projects? – (voice-over) Place the balloon
inside the box. – These look like
those Instagram videos, but those usually
don’t have talking, so I’m very confused.
– (voice-over) Spray whipped cream all over the balloon.
– I like that it’s a DIY prank. That’s funny.
– (voice-over) Decorate the cake with cookies and candies.
– The [bleep]? – (voice-over) Leave it
for the sweet tooth to find. – I love the royalty-free music.
– (voice-over) It’s too tempting. She must cut a piece…
– Ohh, and then they’re gonna– Aw, that’s so messed up.
– Is she gonna… pop? – (voice-over) Boom!
– (gasps) – (voice-over) And the cream
is all over. – Y’all know we just
be lickin’ our fingers anyways. – (voice-over) Make a hole
in a paper cup. – Okay. What is this invention? – (voice-over) Take the bottom,
aligning the holes. – Okay, you gotta align ’em.
– (voice-over) Put in the drinking straw.
Smear it with Vaseline on the bottom to prevent leaking.
– Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s a cool trick, actually. – (voice-over) Offer the drink
to your friend. Though the cup is full,
she can’t make a sip. – Oh-ho-ho-ho.
– (voice-over) Though the cup is full, she can’t make a sip.
– That’s a fun one. That’s a cool one,
’cause no one gets hurt. It’s just a fun one.
– (voice-over) Then she removes the straw to drink directly
from the cup. Oops! The beverage spilled out…
– Oops, I ruined your clothes. – (voice-over) Then she removes
the straw to drink directly from the cup. Oops!
– Aww, that’s messed up, especially ’cause it’s soda.
It’s gonna get all sticky. – None of these are good.
That’s just a waste of time, money, and materials.
– I’ve never seen a DIY, like, cute, like done like
an actual DIY channel, but with pranks.
And it’s such a fun idea. – (FBE) So, we have some more
to show you in a second, but that came from the craft
YouTube channel Troom Troom. – Troom Troom. That sounds
like a made up name. (chuckles) – I’ve heard of them
from other YouTubers watching them. – Simply Not Logical
has spoken about them before. She makes fun of them,
and it kind of makes sense. – (FBE) So, we did something similar
when we covered 5-Minute Crafts. So, before we dive into talking
more about the channel and showing you some more videos,
we wanted to see if you could take on
one of these DIYs yourself. So, we’ve selected one
of the crafts from the video we just showed you
for you to recreate starting with the straw
through the cup prank. – Oh, hell yeah. I’m in.
– (voice-over) Make a hole in a paper cup.
– Okay. Oh! That was…
Okay. Good enough. – (voice-over) Punch a hole
in masking tape. – I don’t know how to use
these things, to be honest. How the [bleep]?
Okay, hold on. It’s too sticky!
Did it work? Oh, okay. Sick.
– (voice-over) Tape the bottom, aligning the holes.
– Mmm… Put it here. Okay. Tear that away. – (voice-over) Put in
the drinking straw. Smear it with Vaseline
on the bottom to prevent leaking.
– Put it in there. And then smear it.
Oh, god. Please, straw. – But like, how do you
not see that? Bye! Okay, whatever. I gu– oh, okay! Well, it’s leaking. Um…
Yeah, wow. Foolproof. – All right.
Nope, it’s still leaking. Oh, yeah. It is leaking.
It is leaking. This doesn’t work. This doesn’t work!
– Ohhh! Oh, no! Whoa! (laughs)
It wasn’t as fun as I thought it was gonna be.
I’m gonna be honest. And I can’t imagine anyone
actually doing this except for maybe five-year-olds. – (voice-over) Are you bored?
No. Troom Troom doesn’t know what that is.
We’ve always go– Troom Troom doesn’t know what that is.
– It’s a glitter banana? – (voice-over) …got fresh ideas
for having fun. – Always!
– (voice-over) I’ve invented a new method of painting.
It’s painting with my feet. – No!
– (voice-over) It’s painting with my feet.
– Ah! It’s like finger painting but with toes.
– (voice-over) Fold a piece of bubble wrap in half.
– I would just pop it immediately. – (voice-over) Cut out
two double soles. – And they’re speaking slow enough
that it makes sense that this is for kids and maybe their parents.
– (voice-over) Cut out a hole in the top part to put your foot in.
– Okay. For what? – (voice-over) Use a lighter
to melt the edges. – That’s not safe for children.
I feel like that’s the main audience. – (voice-over) Put on
the bubble slippers. – (chuckles) They’re so cute.
– (voice-over) Apply some paint and step on the paper to stamp it.
– Ohh! – (voice-over) You can jump
and stomp, painting with your feet at the same time.
– (sarcastic) What a fun painting. That looks beautiful.
– I don’t understand this. – What did that even–
that didn’t even look like anything. This is making me heated.
This is a try not to get mad challenge now.
– (voice-over) What about a sparkly banana?
– What?! – (voice-over) Have you ever seen it?
– Obviously not, ’cause it’s not natural, Troom Troom.
– (voice-over) Have you ever seen it? – I don’t trust this.
– I mean, that’s cute and all, but I don’t know
if I need to do that. – (voice-over) Peel off
the top half of a banana. – Okay.
– (voice-over) Cover the peel with napkins. – Okay, why do–
that’s such a waste of napkins! – (voice-over) Sprinkle the banana
with edible glitter. – Who?! Why?
– (voice-over) Remove the napkin. – Can she eat that?!
– But you just took all the health away.
– (voice-over) Here’s a sparkly blue banana. Can I eat it? – Ewww.
– (voice-over) Mm! – That can’t be good!
You’re gonna have glitter in your mouth forever!
– What are the point of these? They make such a long video
to just be like, “Oh, here’s a glittery banana.”
You could just tell someone, like, “Oh, put sugar on a”–
and this makes no sense to me. – These are videos
that are adults doing it, but obviously, kids are watching it.
If you’re letting your kid watching this,
they might end up eating glitter. That is dangerous.
– (FBE) For this round, we want you to try to make
the glittery banana. – Oh, no. – This was the one I was
hating on the most of all them, ’cause for me,
it’s the most stupid one. The other ones at least
look satisfying. – (voice-over) Peel off
the top half of a banana. – Yes. I’m peeling. – So, you take a banana, right?
And then we take napkins and we cover the banana peels. – (voice-over) Sprinkle the banana
with edible glitter… – (sighs)
– (voice-over) …rubbing it in. – That does not look
like edible glitter. – This is making a healthy thing
way more unhealthy than it needs to be. – I made a mess.
And then just… It’s not a bad flavor.
It’s the texture. I feel like I’m eating rocks.
I’m okay without the glitter on the banana. (chuckles)
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Definitely join the SuperFam. Please do it.
Really appreciate this. – (voice-over) Everybody knows
that no food’s permitted during the class.
– That is true. – (voice-over) Who doesn’t
want to break the rules? – Oh, I love breaking rules.
– (voice-over) Watch this video for a few tricks on how
to sneak a snack… – Okay. I’m intrigued.
– (voice-over) Do you dream of a portion of french fries
or a juicy cheeseburger during your long classes?
– Yes, all the time. – (voice-over) Take bright notebooks
shaped like a pack of french fries… – ‘Cause that obviously
looks like real food. – (voice-over) We’ve shown
how to make them in our previous video.
– Ayy, what a plug. – They look really real.
– (voice-over) Ms. Smith wears glasses.
– That’s very specific for if your teacher is Ms. Smith
and she wears glasses. – (voice-over) We assure her
it’s nothing like that. It’s just our weird notebooks.
It’s a kind of Mac school. – Dude, the chick on the right,
she’s like, “Are you kidding me? You’re gonna take away
my burger notebook?” – (voice-over) While Ms. Smith
is cleaning her eyeglasses, we change the notebooks
for the real snack. – (chuckles)
– (voice-over) Mmm! What crispy french fries.
And a tasty… – Okay, who’s not gonna
notice the– oh my goodness. – (voice-over) …again?
Oh, yes. It’s your notebooks. – What?!
– (voice-over) Okay. Continue… – Wait. (laughs)
– (voice-over) Okay. Continue writing, girls.
– The odds of you having a teacher who can’t see well enough
to know if you’re eating a hamburger or your notebook is so slim.
– (voice-over) Is it a glue stick? No, it’s a cheese stick.
– (laughs) – (voice-over) It’s a cheese stick.
– Oh-ho-ho! Gross! – (voice-over) It’s a cheese stick.
– Eww! What?! – (gags)
– (voice-over) We’ll need a thick piece of hard cheese.
– I’m intrigued. – (voice-over) …glue
stick container. – She better have cleaned
that glue stick very well. – (voice-over) Press it down
to cut out a cheese cylinder. – That’s incredible.
– Why? – (voice-over) Repeat
to fill the whole container with the cheese.
– I don’t know how I feel about that one.
– If kids do this, they’re not gonna
clean it out properly. – (voice-over) My friend
needs glue for her paper craft. – Yeah. Too bad it’s cheese!
– (voice-over) Smell it. There’s cheese inside.
Be careful. – I’m mortified right now.
– (voice-over) …Smith can notice it. Let’s eat it
when she looks away. – (chuckles) All these teachers
are gonna be like, “Why are you eating your stuff?!
Why are you eating your school supplies?!”
– So, what happens when you don’t finish the cheese?
Do you put the glue stick in the fridge?
– Just imagine you teaching a class and you’re looking up
and a kid’s just mackin’ on a glue stick
when it’s really chee– I don’t understand. Okay.
– (FBE) So lastly, we wanted you to try
and recreate the cheese glue stick. – I’m so excited for this! (whispers) Oh my gosh.
– (FBE) So, here you go. – This is so cool.
Is it full of glue? It’s actually full of glue!
What am I supposed to do with this? Okay. Oh, that came out really easy.
– (voice-over) We’ll need a thick piece of hard cheese.
– Cheese. – (voice-over) Take a clear
glue stick container. – Got it!
– (voice-over) Press it down to cut out a cheese cylinder.
– Here we go! – So, I guess we’re just gonna
stick it in the middle here. – (voice-over) …container
with the cheese. – Oh, that came out so satisfying. – Okay. It doesn’t look
like that, but it looks close enough. – It is pretty good cheese.
(chuckles) I’d just go in– [Bleep] the teachers.
Just go in with a block of cheese and just eat it.
– (FBE) So, Troom Troom is a YouTube channel
that describes themselves as a channel for easy DIY,
how-to video tutorials for accessories, makeup,
life hacks, pranks, home decor, and more.
So, from what you watched today, do you think that their hacks
and DIYs could actually help someone or do they seem a little
on the ridiculous side? – I think they’re a bit ridiculous,
but I see the fun of their channel for kids or maybe bored adults.
– Troom Troom really is the “What?” Like, it really leaves you
with that back thought. Like… “What did I just watch?”
– (FBE) So, did you notice that nobody’s actually talking
in the videos? – Now that you think of it,
no one was talking in the videos. – (FBE) That’s because Troom Troom
is a multinational company, and they make their content
for people all around the world using the same footage
but having different languages narrate the videos.
– Oh, okay. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah.
– It is super smart, because it’s like,
you can market it across anywhere, any language.
So, you can basically double monetize the same video.
– (FBE) So, they have channels for people who speak Spanish,
French, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and more
with many of the channels having over a million subscribers
and the English-speaking channel having over 14 million subscribers.
– Dang. That’s crazy. I was not expecting it to be
that high of a sub count. – (FBE) Do you think that this
could be the way of the future when it comes to a lot
of YouTube channels? – Well, a lot of channels earlier
would have a second language or even third language.
I think the one that comes to mind is Smosh.
I guess having different channels in different languages is useful
if your audience is that large. – If you’re looking
to get a bigger audience, it’s kind of the future.
So, Troom Troom, their crafts might suck,
but their marketing is very good. – (FBE) So, there have been
a few YouTubers who have made some videos making fun of and trying
some of these ridiculous DIYs from the channel,
which led to more people discovering the channel,
with many people calling it pretty cringy.
– I understand that, but I don’t agree.
Not cringy. Definitely silly. – I’ve seen Danny Gonzalez,
and I’ve seen Drew Gooden talk about ’em, of course.
– I already came with a background from the school
of Simply Not Logical. I just love her humor towards it.
It’s just funny. Secretly, she’s not hating on it,
but it’s just funny. – (FBE) So, in your opinion,
do you think Troom Troom is aware of these thoughts
about their channel, leading them to kind of
play into it more? – Yeah. I’m sure they’re aware
of what people are saying and what they’re talking about.
And of course, they’re gonna play into it more,
especially if it’s just helping them grow.
– Part of it is probably, like, “Oh, they wanna make
cool crafts for kids.” But I’m sure part of it
is like, “Oh, if we do these weird ones too,
then people are gonna give us more views.”
And obviously, it’s working. – If they are that aware of it,
more power to ’em. But I feel like they’re not.
I feel like they’re just cranking out the same cringy videos
that they always do. – (FBE) Finally, do you think
you’re gonna check out Troom Troom or was this episode enough for you?
– I think I get it. Yeah, so I’m probably not gonna
check out more Troom Troom videos. – I think it was enough for me.
– I think I’ll wanna go check out their other crazy videos.
– I think this episode was enough for me.
I completely understand the channel. I thought I was gonna hate it,
but I kind of have an appreciation for just wholesome craft content,
’cause it’s so much nicer to, I think, watch that
than anything else that’s gonna make me angry or sad. – Thanks for watching
this episode of College Kids React. Shoutout to Meet King.
– If you liked our DIYs, then hit that Like button.
– DI-bye! – Hey, everyone! Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. Make sure you follow us on Twitter,
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about this video. Bye, everyone.