Choose Your Path in U.S. Higher Education

November 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Well, I think some the attributes that
make the US system a unique or different perhaps is the flexibility that’s offered. You can come here without but an
academic major and minor a specialization and have time to
explore your options before you have to decide you can change your plans. You may have I
think you want to be an engineer realize you want to do music and you can make that change or you
can do two different things you can be an engineer who also studies music so you’re not
limited in what you study. You have flexibility to
to explore options. Most U.S. colleges universities will
require you to take courses in different academic disciplines and we do that so that you learn
different perspectives and address an issue from from those
perspectives At Ithaca, for example, we have an
integrated core curriculum so instead of asking students to take a course in
humanities and a course arts and a course in social sciences we do
that by asking them to identify a theme so they might look at power as a theme
and they’ll learn to through scientific course through it
arts our communities course and other courses in different
disciplines to study that issue from different perspectives so it’s not
just a menu classes but it’s a theme that really connect. So you’re
learning that perspective in a way that impacts on that theme. So you know different institutions do that
differently but I think that the concept of exploring different areas and again what it helps the student
do is to learn to understand how different people
think and how they might approach different issues and problems and it isn’t just one answer often times there
are multiple answers to a question or a situation and you really need to work
together to come up with the ideal solution [background music] the new the man