Chloe Plans to Live With Max in College  | Unexpected

Chloe Plans to Live With Max in College | Unexpected

September 14, 2019 80 By Ronny Jaskolski

– I wish I could be
more open with my family and tell them I’m moving in
with Max because I am excited, but I just feel like I can’t
mention it or talk about it or else I’ll be,
like, shunned or get– like, everyone
will be mad at me. I kind of got to keep
it on the down low. So Chloe, when is graduation? The 23rd. I’ve been looking to
graduating and being a senior since I was a freshman. I am really excited
to graduate and go to Arizona State University. I always knew that I
would, but it’s definitely still an accomplishment. I was pregnant my junior
year of high school, and I was a mom my senior
year of high school. So being a young mom isn’t
really slowing you down. Did mom show you the
pictures on Pinterest of how we’re going to redecorate
your room as soon as you leave? Are you leaving? Since I can’t live
on campus, my plan is to just get an
apartment close to campus since Ava will be going
to school with me. She’ll be going to
the daycare on campus. Well, how are you going
to get an apartment? I’m going to get a job. Do you know how expensive
apartments are though, Chloe? Have you even, like, looked
at the prices of them? They are super expensive. No, I have. You have to have
credit, and you have to have somebody co-sign. So who are you going
to have co-sign. I was trying to fill out an
application for an apartment, and it was like, when did
you move into your house that you have now and how much
rent is your house that you live in now and then, like, all
this stuff that I don’t know. What’s your Social
Security number? Like, I don’t know. My mom knows. There’s going to be
some obstacles, and– It’s hard. I know that I’m going
to have to ask my mom, and it’s going to be really hard
because my parents don’t know that I’ve actually
already started looking at apartments with Max. So I feel like that’s an awkward
way to start a conversation. You can live in
married housing with Ava because you have a baby
and you’re a mother. Yeah, but we’re looking– like, I’m– So we, really? Why does Chloe feel like she has
to sneak around at this point? I don’t know why she
just isn’t honest. We know she’s in this
relationship with Max, and I just wish we had that
type of relationship still.