Ce cred liceenii despre corupția și politica din școli

November 16, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

It is said that the Romanian educational system is centred on the student. But in reality we still have teachers that tell students not to speak if they’re not asked. The consideration for Christmas, the consideration for 1st of March, for the 8th of March… No! I don’t approve of this.
It’s corruption! School is school and politics is politics. Let us not swipe things under the rug.
There are plenty education inspectors that are appointed based on political affiliations. These students decided to take
matters into their own hands. They are part of associations that oppose nonsensical laws and they fight for their rights within school. Couple of days ago, they publicly announced that they oppose education reforms to be taken without the students being consulted. However what are the risks for students who try say something about these issues? You do something differently…you essentially put a target on yourself. During class, all students fearfully stay in their own benches, “Hope to God the teacher doesn’t cherry pick me
from the register”! Or God forbid you disturb the class! I don’t know, even just dropping your pen! The math teacher we have had for a while now, sent a couple of students home, students who were also commuters, solely based on the fact that they had ripped jeans. I told him you can not to something like this and he replied: “Tudor, do you want to get a 3?” And that’s that. I find it tragic for something like this to happen. It still isn’t easy. Because the people on top want you to fit
a certain mold They don’t want us to develop.
They don’t emphasise our development as students. The politicisation of schools. School is school and politics is politics. It would be better to focus in school and what we actually need to learn, than on the fact that Mrs. or Mr. Principal have certain connections, know certain people. The doctrines of the parties are reflected in the decisions that the respective governor makes about education in schools, or inspectorates
or counties. I spoke a couple of months ago with a principal from a high school in Constanta about school security. They were asking students to pay for those services.
And I asked why don’t you ask the town hall? His answer: “Well, we have already asked for money for renovations, we can’t ask for security as well…” There are principles that do not want to upset someone ‘up there’ and because of that they don’t ask the town hall, so they redirect themselves to those who are willing to pay up. Guess who that might be? The parents! We find ourselves in a vicious circle and it’s much easier to go to our parents and say: “The history teacher or the Romanian teacher needs a new ream of paper. What does it mean if they do not have paper? They will give more tests. They will take more tests, they will get lower grades. You don’t want your little one to have low grades, right?” It might not seem like such a big problem. 10 lei for chalk, now 10 lei for markers because now we’ve modernised But when there are so many cases when both parents are living on minimum wage… …then it becomes a problem. As long as parents will be complacent with this mentality and won’t stand up and say:
“No, we are not giving any more money! It is not our duty to give money for security and for renovations of the institution.” As long as the situation will just perpetuate itself and the mentality won’t change, automatically, the system will not be able to evolve. What other bribes exist in schools? If I told you I know the prices to move to the best three-four high school in Constanta, would you believe me? They vary between 500 and 800 euros! That’s it?
It depends what high school you want. And probably also on how the principal is feeling. Often the principal comes up with an…”idea”, let’s call it, a proposition. It’s either all about cash, or it’s about cash and flowers and whatever else one needs. We currently find ourselves in a system where briberies through small gifts, of approximately 500, 700, 900 lei, given to teachers or class masters, is a constant endeavour, it’s a normal thing. And if you tell a person, God forbid!, that what they’re doing is not okay, “Well, what?!
Why is it not okay?”
“It’s just ‘nice’!” The consideration for Christmas, the consideration for 1st of March, for the 8th of March… It happened, especially when I was in primary school, it has happened. For Christmas, or the teacher’s birthday, everyone would give 50 lei. “We’re buying this and this and that”. Often times us students did not know what to get, but our parents did. No! I don’t approve of this.
It’s corruption! Civil education When you are 12 years old and take the subject ‘civil education’, well in about 6 years, when you can finally vote, you’re going to forget what you learned. I think it was seventh grade when we had ‘civil education’ and it was not emphasised. At all. I don’t think I was left with any knowledge. That I have gained knowledge on my own over time is not debatable, but from then I don’t remember much. I think that in 9th grade there should be taught ‘civil education’ or even ‘judicial education’ so that the student, when he has the right to vote, will know what or whom he is voting for… There are great levels of disinformation among students, in first place. And I’ve noticed that there is also a demonisation of politics, a stigmatisation of politics. When people here about politics, they shuffle back. “What politics?
I didn’t hear anything I won’t say anything!” It is very sad that these things happen.
That education is not even emphasised. If you don’t have an educated people, what do you have?
You can’t have anything without this. It’s another reason to leave the country. Another reason to not care about anything, to stay in your little square and do things the way you think is best for you. Are they going to leave? What?
No, no way!
No! I have great optimism for Romania and for the youth that I am also representing. Let us be a bit brave and suggest those in power to spend at least three months in the education system that we are in. And which they have created. And in the end not only do we think they will
need extra tutoring, as we also do, but we believe they too will realise we are in need of radical change I, personally, think that this whole thing, this whole tragic situation on a national level, has actually made us stronger. Being stronger, when the moment comes when we will be mature adults we will act in such a way that we actually
benefit the country. I do want to stay. But…I need…
extra motivation to remain here. I am afraid that Romania will stop growing. It is awful if a country has no more youth. And no skilled youth either.