Cards Against Humanity’s Science Ambassador Scholarship

September 15, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hi! Sophie Science here, from Science With Sophie, getting a free ride to work to tell you that you could get a FREE RIDE to college from Cards Against Humanity! That’s right: Cards Against Humanity is giving a… “bag of magic beans” to one lucky and smart “one trillion dollars” is what they’ll give you – not really, college doesn’t cost that much yet – but one lucky “fun and interesting fact about rocks” will get a free ride! All you have to do to apply is submit a three-minute “gassy antelope” about a science topic that you love, like “bees?” or “free samples!” There’s science in that. Okay well that kind of worked. What it actually is is the Science Ambassador Scholarship, and it is a free ride to college. That is HUGE. All you have to do to apply is be a high school senior girl intending to study STEM or an undergraduate already studying STEM. So as long as you’re living that STEM life, or intend to, you are good. And applying is really fun! All you gotta do is submit a video like this one that’s about three minutes on about a science topic that you love, like “that thing electrocutes your abs” “the quiet majesty of the sea turtles” “a really cool hat” or “getting really worried about global warming for a few seconds.” Anything that you love! That’s it! Doesn’t have to be high production value Don’t overthink it. The deadline is soon: December 11. So really, just go with your gut, pick something you love, and make a cool video about it for less than three minutes! And if you are not a girl but you are watching this video: thank you, and send this to a girl that you know because she could get a free ride to college! Yes please! So thank you Cards Against Humanity for being so awesome and supporting women in STEM! And thank you. Bye!