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October 17, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hello! Basic Sex education. Okay.
I had Biology as a subject. That caught me off guard.
Honestly. I thought, it’ll be Geography or something. This is like Geography of the body, bro. Why am I getting uncomfortable? No, you should not be uncomfortable. Guys, I am going to make an example of myself because everyone deserves sex Education. I got a little bit of Sex Ed from the chapter 9 of Biology in 10th grade.
But no one from my family gave any Sex Ed.
I thought that when you get married and it’s been a year… ….a sage gifts you a kid. I once saw my parents hugging each other and then I waited for a little baby to come. But no. Clearly, my parents just hugged each other. Most of what I learnt… …it’s.. …..a lot of it was through porn.
Obviously. I always thought like… ….it’s really painful for women because in all the porn videos the women are screaming on top of their lungs. So, the Sex Ed that we got in school was the nuns telling us…. …. that you’ll get pregnant by touching hands and AIDs if you kiss. Very good sex teacher. I am. Ask me. Please ask me. Dude. This is.
You’ll be giving us options, right? Inside. There are two. I remember the diagram. Ovaries. Ya. The eggs are formed in the Ovaries, but fertilized. Let’s just go with Fallopian tube. Or Uterus. I’ll say Vulva. I know, I’m not right, but I’ll say Vulva because I don’t remember. Uterus. Let’s just go with Uterus. In the Ovaries. Fallopian tubes. Oh f**k. Fallopian tubes.(x2) F**k. I forgot. Forgot.
I forgot. Is it stored in the same place it’s formed? Let me know. Sperm is stored in the Scrotal sac. Or the Scrotum. Ya, it’s stored in your Scrotum. In the Testis. Right? The Sperm is stored in the Testicles. It’s either Testis or Scrotum. Where are the f*cking Testicles?
In the Scrotum, right? Scrotum is also right. Both are right.
Okay. Cool. You should’ve told me.
Why did you give me so much tension? F**k. Sperm.
Semen. Semen.
Sperm. Sperm and Semen are not interchangeable terms. Because Semen has sperms, but Sperms do not have Semen. I think, Sperm applies only to humans and Semen applies to everybody.
So, false. False because Semen comes out. And the Sperm is inside it. Sperm is single, right?
It goes like this.
The one that wins the race. Ans Semen is lots of sperms in a liquid form. So, they are the same thing.
It’s not true. Semen is the combination of Sperms and the liquid that the sperms float in. Sperms are those microscopic cells that fertilize the egg. Nice.(x2)
The answer is correct, right? I said false. I don’t want anything else.
What did I say? Sorry. All the men that heard this question must be like ‘Yeah, this has happened. This has happened with me’. I guess, all of the above. I saw this show Sex education and the guy gets everything together. This has happened with me.
I guess. I think, Yeah.
All of the above.(x2) Let’s go with all of the above. Ya, that can totally happen. I’ll say all of the above. Ya man.
This is experienced. Yes, all of the above. There are some boys that look like me before puberty and look like Pavitra after puberty. I’m stuck there. You get somethings.
You don’t get somethings, man. Gotta deal with it. There should be a 5th option. Crocs.
It’s Crocs, guys.
Crocs. Everyone should just pull out.
Don’t use anything else. Just… It works for me. I’m kidding.(x2) I’m joking. Abstinence is a 100% safe. Even condoms have failure.
Anyway, I’ll go with abstinence. Abstinence is not having sex. If you don’t fill the pen with ink then you won’t get the ink stain on your hand. Final answer is abstinence.
I think, it’s a stupid option. Abstinence. I guess. I think, the answer is contraceptive pills. F**k. One second.
Wait.(x3) Condoms. Wait. Abstinence. What the f**k, man. I know they can get an erection before birth.
When they are in the womb. After death seems a little illogical. Right? After death?
What the f**k? All of them are wrong. I’ll say after death. Because there is a thing called Rigor mortis…. …where your limbs stiffen up. And that sometimes includes your Penis. That’s technically not erection. That’s just your body toning up because of death. Is it possible? This is so weird. I will learn a new thing today.
This is so weird. Oh god. Okay. All of the above.
I don’t know. So weird. I think, the answer is ‘after death’ because I watched a movie where… …there was an erection Yeah. Of a dead body. I’ll go with before birth. I’ll say it starts before birth and continues till after death. All of the above. Told you. Don’t watch porn during pregnancy. It effects the baby. I have never used a diagram to identify the organ. This is the Vulva. I think. J is Vagina. I’ll say, this is the Vaginal tract. Tract. It is the Vagina. J is Vagina. And this is an angry bull. Sorry.
Okay. You get rashes in summer. *Singing* That is cured by Dermicool What is Gonorrhea? It has to be either Herpes or Gonorrhea. Ya, Can I get a 50-50 for these two? Because the answer is either A or C. Herpes is the most widespread one so people aren’t dying everyday of it. I guess. So, I guess Herpes. The correct answer is Herpes. HIV, Hepatitis and Herpes are lifelong conditions. I think, only Gonorrhea is completely curable. I’ll go with Gonorrhea. I think, Gonorrhea.
I am randomly guessing. Gonorrhea The blessings of the ‘guess god’ are still with me. I lost? I got the lowest score? Okay. I focused more on practical. I should focus on theory, I think. Now is the time to break all the taboos around Sex Education. Let’s talk about sex. The more we know about it, the safer we are. Right?
Hey guys.
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