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November 20, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

SUPER: In 2016, Sallie Mae created a new scholarship. CHARLIE: Sallie Mae is looking for a special
high school student who you worry may come up short of fulfilling their dreams, and want
to fight for. SUPER: We invited the four finalists to see
their stories brought to life at an awards ceremony. MARTHA: Kendal emulates to underclassmen what
leadership should look like. She lost her mom to breast cancer in June of 2014. LISA: Nothing’s ever been handed to Bryana.
I think she’s always had to work hard for everything. BRYANA: Going to college has been my dream. JEFF: When I received a call that Quinton
was one of the finalists, I was shaking, because he’s a student who could use it so much. KATE: Kayla is somebody that constantly looks
for the positive instead of focusing on the negative. She’s just an amazing kid. MARTHA: Now there’s one more piece to this
story, and it’s a piece that you all don’t know. LIZ: Employees of Sallie Mae set a goal to
raise $25,000 for a deserving student. JOSH: When we first started the fundraising
process some of my coworkers questioned, “Well, why isn’t Sallie Mae just donating the money?”
And then as we went through the process and we realized that it was the actual employees
and not just the company funding these scholarships, they started to get excited about it. TONYA: Watching the videos of the students
just brought it all home. It just, it just solidified, you know, our purpose here at
Sallie Mae. LIZ: Working on your behalf, in a few short
months we were able to raise over $50,000. RAY: All the employees have done such a terrific
job, so we thought the least we could do is match it – they all will get the scholarship!
Congratulations. KENDAL: I felt like I didn’t deserve it
as much as all of them, and then when I saw that it was all four of us it just hit me
in the feels and I started crying and I just wanted to hug everybody. KAYLA: Just the effort that everyone at Sallie
Mae put into this whole scholarship, I just feel so warm. QUINTON: It’s just, it’s mindblowing,
that’s what it is. It’s mindblowing. BRYANA: I don’t have to worry about my mom
– my mom can continue living and, you know, supporting my brother. I can support myself
now with this scholarship. So, it’s awesome. It’s amazing. SUPER: Congratulations Bryana, Kendal, Kayla,
and Quinton. See their full stories at SUPER: Let’s Make College Happen KENDAL: Woo! (Laughs)