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September 27, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

♪ Blippi ♪ ♪ So much to learn about ♪ ♪ it will make you want to shout!
Blippi! ♪ Hey! Wow! look at where we are! Today we are at the hands on
children museum in Olympia Washington.
Come on! [MUSIC] Come on! Wow, look at here!
It’s like we are on the farm. Come over this way. We have ceramic pots. And… uh, some gloves. And a watering pail! Let’s go water the vegetables.
Come on. Uh, here you go. Let’s put some water right there. Vegetables grow and you water them. Water and sun. Look at what we grew.
We grew some brocoli. Green brocoli. I love brocoli. And… uh, a carrot! Bunnies love carrots. And an onion. Onions smell so good
when you cook them. And, is this a cantaloupe? Cool!
And a red tomato. Let’s go see what else
they have here. [MUSIC] Look, this is sidewalk chalk. H-I… This says Hi! Hello! Come on! [MUSIC] Wow, look! I’m about
to make some bubbles Ok. These bubbles are so big! I’m going to get it
really close to you. Oh, look,
there’s a cute little bubble. Come on! Look out all these TEPEES. This is called the raccoon run.
Come on! [MUSIC] This is some beautiful art
just made with sticks. We’re kind of trapped in here.
Come this way. [MUSIC] Come through here. What’s this over here? This is where you get
to ride the trikes. Ok, one trike, please. You have to wear your helmet.
And this helmet is the color black. Wee! Look, this tricycle is called tricycle
because it has three wheels and tires. If there was a bicycle,
it would have two. Alright, here I go! [MUSIC] We’re coming up on a big hill. Here I come! I can’t do it! Sometimes in life
if you can’t do something, you have to try something new
like this. Let’s walk it out. That’s ok, this is still fun. Wow, here’s downhill. Here I go! [MUSIC] Look, ma! No hands. Wee! [MUSIC] Come here! Now it’s time to build a boat. This area is where
you can build a boat like take a piece of wood
like this one. And grab a straw.
Put it right there. And we get to make a sale
like this green sale. Put it right there. Do it around. And then let’s add a pink top. Ready? There we go. Look at that,
what a beautiful boat. But wait a second… We need… We need a person inside. Do you want this one or this one? Let’s do this one Ok, how is that look? It’s so boataful. That’s funny. Ok.
And then let’s take a giant squid. Ok, now let’s come over here. Let’s put the boat
and the giant squid right here. Wow, look at this! This is the water table. And it’s really wet. Ok, before we put the boat
and the squid in the water, let’s go get our water jacket on.
Come on! Ok. This water jacket
is the color yellow. It’s nice and snug. Ok, we’re ready, come on! [MUSIC] Ok, let’s put the boat…
Oh, wait a second. Let’s go back here. We have some plastic pieces,
so then we can make an obstacle course. Ready? Ok. here we go. Put one right there. Put one right there. Put one right here. Put one over here. That’s a big stretch. These are the color yellow.
Just like the jacket. Put one right there,
and put one right here. Ok. Now I think we’re ready
to put the boat and the giant squid in the water. Ready? Here we go. Three, two, one… Go boat, go! Go, go! Yeah, we lost the squid.
Oh, no, don’t get stuck. Come on! Come on!
It’s coming! The squid is coming!
Ok, there we go. Yeah! We’re doing it! Woo-hoo! [BLOWING] Yeah, the boat made it to the end!
Good job! Yum, I love the the smell of plants
and the texture. Geez, it’s just so beautiful. Wow, what’s this over here? Is this an area that we can go
digging in? Come on! [MUSIC] A green bucket. A miniature green dump truck. And a green excavator.
Let’s see what we can dig up. [IMITATING DUMP TRUCK] Look! Wow! This is a triceratops. Really old dinosaur. [IMITATING DINOSAUR] come on! [MUSIC] We saw a small green
dump truck earlier. And now this is a big
green dump truck. [IMITATING DUMP TRUCK] [MUSIC] Look! This looks like the area
where get a load the dump truck. Watch. Ok, load it up, here we go! [FUNNY SOUNDS] Oh, hello. This looks like the perfect place
to dump all of this rock. Ready? [FUNNY SOUNDS] It’s so heavy! That was a big load in the back
of the dump truck. Good job! Look at this room!
It’s like we’re on a forest. There’s so many trees in here. Uh, look! Pretty plants. And look at this. This is like tree bark. Wow, come here. Look out how big
this tree is over here. Oh, look. Do you see an animal
that flaps its wings anywhere? [IMITATING BIRD] Look, it’s a INAUDIBLE! See? Yeah! That’s the bird. Look over here. Since we’re in the forest… Here’s a tent. It’s like we are going camping. [SNORING] Look.
Oh, hot, hot. And then here’s a wood.
Here’s a log. Ok. And then… The vacuum tube room. Come here. I love this room in here. See? You grab the colorful balls
and there’s scarfs like the orange one, purple one,
yellow one, even the red one. And then you put it in here. And it goes over there. Watch. Goes to the top. I’ll do some more.
Ready? Are you ready? [MUSIC] Now I’ll put this
colorful scarfs in here. Ready? Ok, we’re going to put
all of them in here. Here we go! [MUSIC] Come here! Let’s get some more of these balls. Ok. Here we go. Now we have a lot of these. We have to switch this up. Now you don’t know where
they are going to go. It’s going to go a different path. [MUSIC] That was a really fun
blue spinning slide. Come over here. Look at this area! This area looks like you can build
with these tubes. And there’s smoke stacks
coming out of here. Hello, can you see me? Hello! Don’t worry, I’m right here. Ok. Oh, and look at this. This has smoke
beneath all this water. Can you see it? It’s so fun to touch.
It feels so good. My hands are really wet. Ok. Look at this! It’s a vortex,
kind of like a water volcano. The water just spins around
really fast. Ok, here’s some colorful balls. And I’ll put them up here. Ready? [MUSIC] Ok, now that the tube
it’s all locked and loaded with those balls, get ready. Bombs away! Three, two, one! Now look at the balls! Wow! Did you see those? Ok. I’m going to grab some more
of these colorful balls, like this pink one,
this yellow one, this purple one and there should be
some more coming. Oh, another pink one.
Oh, another purple one. A white one. Ok, get ready cause I’m going
to lunch them right there. Here we go. Look up there. [MUSIC] Wow, did you see them
in the vortex now? [MUSIC] We’re lunching the balls up there. And then they go down the vortex. Ok, just a couple more. Here we go balls! [MUSIC] That is so cool! This water vortex is so much fun! We’re driving to the job site. Here we go! [FUNNY SOUNDS] Ok, now that we’re
at the job site… we need to grab our tools
like the shovel, and… Look at that heavy brick. And this giant boulder. Ok, let’s bring everything over here. Ok, this is going
to be the job site. Let’s go look over here though
at all the tools like… There’s jack hammer.
[IMITATING JACK HAMMER] And… oh, a hard hat
and this safety vest. That’s very small. Maybe I won’t wear
a safety vest this time. But I will wear a pair of blue… safety goggles. And look, a nail gun, a drill.
A mallet? A crowbar. And a jig saw. And a tape measure. Ok, let’s go. Good thing I had my hard hat on. Ok, let’s get some safety cones. Let people know we’re going to be
building a house over here. Ok. And then…. Here we go, some… Road sign.
Oh, here we go. We’ve got
to put this over here. Ok. Now all of our
lumber is over here. Let’s grab two of these. One, two. Let’s put them down on the ground. And let’s get two really long ones. Go like this. There we go. Let’s go like that. Ok. Here we go. This is the foundation
of our house that we’re building. Ok, ready? You stay there and I’m just going
to start to build. Let’s go like this. Let’s get a couple more. Ok. Now for the tops…
Wait, we need one more to make it nice and INAUDIBLE.
There we go. Let’s put the tops of the house
on here. It’s over here. Yeah, last one. Put it right there and right there. Looks like we just built
a beautiful house. Let’s test it out. Well, I guess it wasn’t that strong. [MUSIC] Look at where we are. We are inside an oyster. And look, it’s a giant pearl. So white, and shinny, and beautiful. And these, yeah, these represent
a grain of sand. Because if a grain of sand
gets inside an oyster then from there it gets really irritated
and then it creates a pearl. Well, this was so much fun
hanging out with you at this Children’s museum
in Olympia Washington. It was so much fun
being so hands on! Well, see you again. Buh-bye! ♪ Blippi, Blippi ♪ ♪ Come on, everyone,
let’s make learning fun ♪ ♪ Blippi, Blippi ♪ ♪ So much to learn about ♪ ♪ It will make you want to shout!
Blippi! ♪ Hey grown ups,
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