Best of Otis and Eric | Sex Education

March 10, 2020 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

(“Give Up The Funk” by Parliament) ♪ Tear the roof off ♪ ♪ We’re gonna tear the
roof off the mothersucker ♪ – I don’t dance. – What’s the point of
having all this music then? – To listen to, I sit very still and I appreciate the music. – Come on, you know you want to. – There will be no dancing. (Eric moaning) – Does it, does it, does it does it? Eh, come on we’re gonna slay! Come, come come come. Shes’ really disappointed in you. I keep telling you, man, everyone has had sex over the summer. Everyone, except you. – And you.
– Excuse me! I gave two and a half handjobs
to that guy I met in Butlins. – Why the half? – We got interrupted. Stupid surprise karaoke. This is a new frontier, my
sexually repressed friend. Our chance to finally move
up the social food chain. We shall transform! From lowly caterpillars,
into, awesome killer whales. – We have to? – It’s Amy G’s house party tonight. – Yeah, and? – And? Apparently last time, Warhammer
Tom drank 14 Jager-bombs and nearly drowned in a hot tub! We need an invite! – I thought you’d given up on Six Bomb. He has the memory of a goldfish. – An eternally optimistic goldfish. How do I look? – Like a satsuma. – It’s monochrome. – I’ll take your word for it. Do I look alright? – You look like Otis. – Is that a good or a bad thing? – Well, neither you just look like Otis! Late is late, early is
early, and we are very early. What are you doing? – Ringing the buzzer. – No you’re not, we’re gonna wait until other people get here. – (he laughs) Eric,
that’s being very silly. – Otis, I just told you
not to ring that doorbell! – Eric! – Die, by fire and by force,
because I’m sick of it! I’m sick of this behavior, man! Hey, Maeve. It was lit, it was lit. Listen, who needs her, anyway? There’s plenty more hot,
scary fish in the sea. Okay? Dude, where’s my hat? – I might’ve lost it. – You’re bad at being Hat Man. – Sorry. – No you’re not sorry. Look at you laughing! – [Otis] It’s not funny. – [Eric] Like a dickhead. – [Otis] Shut up! – [Eric] Like a fool, like a hidiot. – [Otis] Go clean yourself off. (Eric laughing) – That special time of the
month for women is very normal. – Where were you this morning? – [Headmaster] Alter their
everyday life beyond– – Something really bad happened. – You forgot to save Zelda again! – [Headmaster] And so
imagine, if you will– – I had a sex dream about Maeve. – That’s brilliant! About the sanitary things,
yass! (he chuckles) – Anyway, that most uncomfortable thought is– – Oh my God! Tell me everything! Was it ALS Challenge or
just your basic dick sneeze? – It feels wrong, okay? I don’t like it. – No, it’s fine! – It’s not fine, okay? My brain objectified her and
I feel like a bad person. – But it’s normal! Menstruation is a very good thing. Actually, it’s good to
have a good clean out. It’s very healthy, actually. Okay, so if–
– Sit down, sit down. – She’s asking you on a date! – It’s not a date. – It’s a date! – She called me a dickhead. You don’t call someone dickhead and then ask them out on a date. She probably knows I had a
creepy sex dream about her and now she’s gonna expose
me as the lech that I am. – Okay, she’s not psychic. Also, chill out, you jizzed your pants, you’re not Hannibal Lecter. – What if I am?! (suspenseful string music) – Okay, what happened in this dream? – She was, her pants.
– Uh-huh? – And, no, actually I don’t
wanna talk about this. – Oh, okay, well what’s
at 439 Trent anyway? – It’s a tower block with
a load of businesses in and a sushi restaurant. Why would she want me to have sushi? – Raw fish is an aphrodisiac,
this is totally a date! – It’s not a date. – It’s a date. – It’s definitely, what do you think I should wear? – Ooh, okay, think John Hamm, but chilled. Okay, like casual Hamm. – Hey. It’s really nice to hang out
with you outside of school. I really admire your strength. (whimsical clarinet music) – How was it? Tell me everything! Did you feed her sashimi? (he laughs) You are like a pimp! And not the cool Snoop Dogg kind. Hmm. (Eric chuckling) Ah hah! – Hey. – You’re in love with Maeve. – What?
– Mhmm. – I’m not–
– Mhmm! – I’m not in love, no,
don’t be ridiculous. – You’ve been glued to your
phone for like three weeks now and every time she
texts you, this happens. – What happens? Sorry.
– Watch it, breadstick. – That was good, have a nice day. – This! You turn into smiley, happy,
cupcake Otis, it’s weird. I thought you said Maeve was
with Jackson now, anyway. They’re not with each other,
they’re just, you know? – Having super hot,
athletic, sweaty intercourse? – Casual sex. Promise not to laugh. I might have a mild to
moderate crush on Maeve. – Yeah, no shit! What gave it away? – She, she touched my eyebrows,
and now I have an erection. (Eric cackling) You said you wouldn’t laugh! It won’t go away, it’s been half an hour and it’s really cold. – There’s only one solution. (tense rock music) – Okay. It’s just wanking. – Did you do it? – No. I alphabetized my music
collection and it went away. – It’s okay, man, next time. – We won’t speak of this ever again, okay? I’m over it. It’s good that she’s with Jackson. We’re not doing the clinic as much, so, I’ve got plenty of time to
get on with my normal life. And do normal things. – Like feel sad and play Smash Bros? – [Katy] They ask you how you are, you just have to say you’re fine. When you’re not really fine,
but you just can’t get into it because they would never understand. – How about going to see Hedwig
and the Angry Inch, tonight? – No! (Eric laughs) – Happy birthday! – No! I thought you forgot our tradition! – I’d never forget. It’s okay, don’t get emotional. – Of course I’m gonna get emotional. It’s Hedwig, man! – It starts at seven, but
we’re gonna get the early bus because you’re slow in
heels, and on time’s late. – Excuse me, I’m a bad girl in heels. A bad girl. Let it be known to the world. – I’m sorry, dude, this thing came up with Maeve and the clinic. – You are so self centered!
– What happened? – You don’t care about
anyone but yourself. – What? That’s not fair! Eric! Why are you so angry? – Because we’ve been friends
since we were nine years old and you’ve abandoned me for someone that you’ve known for five seconds! You’ve changed, man, the old
Otis would never do that! I rang your mum to pick me up because this is where I felt safe. I think I made a mistake. – May I have this dance? – Why would I dance with you? – Because we’re best friends. – No, we’re not. – Yes we are! Eric, I’m just a really bad one sometimes. I made a mistake and I said some horrible
things I didn’t mean. I miss you. And I’m sorry. I think you are the coolest, bravest,
and kindest person I know. (“Origin of Love” by Stephen Trask) ♪ The origin of love ♪ – You owe me a birthday. (he laughs) Oh my god, okay. Okay, okay, okay. We both know that I lead. You ready? (both laughing) ♪ The origin of love ♪ ♪ And the storm clouds gathered above ♪ – [Eric] I’m coming for you, Otis! (Eric laughing)