Become a teacher in the Further Education and Training sector

October 8, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

The students that we have are genuinely
appreciative of what we do and it isn’t so much just coming to work
and teaching a class but it’s helping them to learn something
new, a new way of thinking. For me I think that’s one of the things
that make me think this is why I do it. Because I see the students come in at
say the initial level and I help them get to achieve
their own goals. Just to see them come in and thrive, you know, is one of the main reasons why
I enjoy being in FE. Because some of them come to us because
of their past experiences never feeling like education was
something they could come back to. For them to come back to us at
an older age and go I want to get something out of
this is quite inspiring. So yes I would do it over and over
without a doubt, I would. I really enjoy working with adults
who are more motivated and focused towards their goal and at the same time I am satisfied that
I am helping the community. I want to do something where the
hours are flexible and I can spend time with my
kids and family. So I found Further Education sector
very suitable for me. My favourite thing about working in
Further Education is having the autonomy in the classroom
to be as creative and as imaginative as I want to be. If you want to come into FE and you want
to teach and you’ve that experience value that experience and use that
experience and share it and pass it on because it’s brilliant. I’ve got no regrets, I’ve definitely,
definitely gone in the right direction. It’s just the reward factor as well and
the feel that you’re helping students, so they’ve grown from sort of low
confidence to getting high confidence and that has an impact on me as well
because it makes my job worthwhile and I feel like I’m doing something
really valuable making a difference. It’s so exciting, every day is different.
It’s never boring, I’m forever learning as well. I have to
learn software all the time and new techniques so it’s never a
dull moment it’s great. Just the feeling of knowing that actually
now you could have changed this persons life for the better just through kind of sharing and doing
something that I enjoy. The fact that I can get enjoyment
out of it and they can have a change of direction
in life I mean it’s incredible. I think if you like meeting people and
you’re a personable person then you’ll like working in the
FE sector because you’re going to meet new people
quite often and you’re going to get to work with them
and find their story. Everyone’s got a story to tell. that’s probably the best part of the job
for me is working with different people, not just being stuck in an office
every day. If you are passionate about wanting
to make a difference, it doesn’t matter who you are or
how old you are, you are you will make that difference. And that is really what we want within
an FE classroom, somebody that wants to be there that will
meet the learners where there at and also help them achieve their dreams. You are providing somebody when you
teach in prison with the opportunity to rehabilitate
and change and help prevent them from returning
to offending and the breakdown of the family, etc. You might be helping them on a new
journey and a new way of life in something they’ve never
experienced before. I love teaching in prison and I wouldn’t
want to teach anywhere else. If you’ve got experiences in terms of
the work place, technical knowledge. Anything
of that order. The FE is a superb place in which
to share this. Everybody who answers the phone not only
works in Further Education but they’re also an experienced
teacher trainer. They’re experts at giving you exactly the
advice you need in order to come to the sector and they can tell you about the kind of
courses you want, what the opportunities are available
and where that teacher training is and if they’re any
incentives which are appropriate to that. The light bulb moments for me as a
teacher in Further Education has been when you’ve tried and
you’ve tried and you’ve used as many different
teaching methods, teaching ways that you possibly can and you see that student and you
see the penny drop. Boomph that’s their light bulb moment that gives me the same feeling.
Yes we’ve done it.