Baruch College Residence Hall Tour

September 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[♪ Lean On by Major Lazer plays ♪] Hi, my name is Mike. Welcome to
Baruch’s Residence Hall, home to over 300 students.
Today, I will take you guys on
a tour. Let’s go. [♪ Lean On plays
in the background ♪] In order to get in, you need to
use your personal key card, and there’s also a 24 hour
security, so you always feel
safe and secure. The mail center is located in
the lobby. It’s really
convenient. They even send you an email if you received a
package. [♪ One Dance by Drake plays ♪] There’s also a great library
here where students come to
study, read, or relax. [♪ One Dance plays in the background ♪] All bedrooms are fully
furnished with everything you need, from
a mid sized refrigerator, to a
microwave, a TV with hundreds of channels,
and even your own private
bathroom. Weekly activities and events
are held by resident advisors throughout the res hall. This
is a great way to make new friends and build a
sense of community. We also have a modern communal
kitchen and a spacious dining
room located in the lobby level.
It’s a great place to come down with a roommate or some friends
to cook dinner. [♪ All The Way Up by Fat Joe &
Remy Ma plays in the background ♪] Located in the basement, the
interactive game room is a
great place to hang out and have fun with friends,
either after class, or any time you need a break from studying. [♪ All The Way Up plays in the background ♪] The laundry room is really
convenient. It has over 40
washers and dryers so you never have to wait, and
the best part is, it will even
send you a text when your clothes are done. The on-sight fitness center has
newly updated machines, is available 24 hours a day,
and is included with your room
and board. Thank you guys for joining me,
I hope you enjoy the tour. See you soon. [♪ All The Way Up by Fat Joe &
Remy Ma plays ♪]