Back To School: High School Vs. College

September 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– So did you guys finish your assignment? – Obviously. – Of course, I finished it last week! (groaning) – Why did we go out last night? – My head hurts. – I think I’m still drunk. (suspenseful orchestral music) (whimsical acoustic music) (all shriek in delight) – I love this, it’s so cute! (group chatters) – The course is so hard.
– I know. – How can it be so hard? Shh! – Hey, is that Jas Harvey? Jas, hey! That was so weird, Jasmine (mutters)… (whimsical electronic music) – Guys, guys, guys! What homeroom are you in? – 303, Miss Jameson. – Oh my God, me too!
– Yay! – I’m 301, Mrs. Daniels. – Oh my God, that sucks, she’s so mean. – I hear she’s horrible. – I guess we’ll see you at lunch? – Yo, Archie, guess what? My schedule is so dope, all
of my classes are after 11. – That sucks, all of
my classes are online. – Why are you at school then? You’re so stupid. (whimsical electronic music) (paper rustles) – Aw, you’re so cute! – Hey, I saw you in economics class today, can I borrow your notes? – Yeah, for sure. – And maybe we can get a coffee
later and study, you know? – Um, I have a boyfriend. – So, I just wanted to
borrow your notes and study. What’s wrong with you? You’re not even that good looking. (whimsical acoustic music) – Sir, can I please go to the bathroom? – No, you’ve already abused
your washroom privileges. – But I really have to go. – Well you can hold it
in, class is almost over. (exhales in frustration) – Can we turn to page 70, class? We’re going to start off
with the chapter on therapy. Excuse me? Excuse me, guys? Anyways, you guys,
we’re gonna continue off where we left off yesterday. (whimsical acoustic music) – Hey.
– Hi. – Do you know where room 209 is? – Oh, you can go down
this hall, to the right. – Okay, thank you.
– Any time. (locker bangs) – Excuse me.
– Hi. – I’m looking for the Osgood
building and Lecture Hall D. – Okay, so you’re gonna go out from here and you’re gonna go to Cur Hall West, and you’re gonna keep going down, and then you’re gonna
go to the second floor, and from there, there’s
a connecting building. – [Narrator] One eternity later. – Then you’re just gonna go from there, and then you’re gonna go downstairs, and the lecture hall
should be on your right. – So that way? – Yeah, just go.
– Okay. (whimsical acoustic music) – And like the famous Rihanna once said, “If you wanna succeed in life, “you gotta work, work, work, work.” You’re late, mister! Principal’s office, now, with a late slip. – Jas, wake up man, it’s
time for school, let’s go! – No, it’s okay, my professor
posts everything online. – Oh true, okay, see you tonight. – Bye. (whimsical acoustic music) (pens clatter) – Yo, have a pen? – No, I ain’t got no pens. – Too bad. – Hey, you got a pen? – I just asked you for a pen. – Yo, you got a pen?
– Do you have a pen? – I don’t have a pen. (whimsical acoustic music) – Okay, my mom packed me a lunch. – Sweet, what’d you get? – Chips and a sandwich. – I got lunch money. – How much? – Fifteen bucks. – Can you buy me lunch? – You have a lunch. – Where? – I’ll buy you one cookie. – What’s wrong with you? – I only have enough money
to buy food or coffee. – What happened to all your money? – I spent it all on books. – You have to buy books?
– Yeah. – I gotta call my mom. – I think I’m gonna buy coffee. (whimsical acoustic music) – Yo, you guys have no idea. This year I’m gonna kill
the game, straight As. – Same, I even canceled my Netflix. That’s it, all in. – Guys, I just want to
get through this year and pass every course. – You need a 60 to pass. That’s a lot. (whimsical acoustic music) – Oh my God guys, I forgot to tell you. I got an early acceptance
into that Yule program. Economics and financial planning! (cheering) – I know, I’m so excited! – I cannot wait for university. – Right, I already have everything
planned out step by step. I know everything. – Okay I’m going into sociology. – True, true.
– Nice! – Yo man, I have no idea what
I’m gonna do with my life. Like, nothing at all. – Guys, I’m dropping economics. I got my midterm back, I failed again. – You can’t drop economics, you need it to graduate. – Graduate, graduate? What am I gonna do? – Yo, I think I’m gonna start a blog. – Do it. – I’m gonna. – We should become YouTubers. – Oh my God that’s even better. – Right?
– You’re a genius! – I’m dropping all my courses.
– You’re a genius. – [Man] Peace! (“I Wanna Know” by Sickick) ♪ I wanna know ♪ ♪ Mm yeah ♪ ♪ Would you wanna wake next to me ♪ ♪ If every night wasn’t ecstasy ♪