Access to Higher Education: Kate’s Story

September 26, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

My name is Kate Munday and I’ve just completed
an M.A. in Medieval and Early Modern Studies. I did an Access course here at the university,
followed by a B.A. in English Literature and
then went on to do the M.A. . I ended up doing
an Access course because I left school at
the age of 15 without any formal qualifications and I always knew that I wanted to go to University,
but didn’t have a route which would enable
me to do so. . I discovered the Access course
that was available through the university
and signed up I was a little concerned about
the childcare for my children and the impact
that my study would have upon them. Everybody
teaching on the Access course is aware that
many of the students will feel that way. that
may have been out of education for a long
time and need to build their confidence in
terms of having that self-belief, and help
is available and the support. While doing
my Access course the teachers were so inspiring
and persuaded me to apply for a degree and
it just seemed like the normal and natural
progression at the time. There were several
members of the Access course who started university
at the same time as myself, some doing different
courses some doing the same, so we had quite
a strong bond because we’d all got to that
stage together. I would say to somebody thinking
about an Access course to go for it. Quite
honestly it changed my life and whatever barrier
you feel is stopping you or preventing you
from furthering yourself with education there
are routes around it and the Access course
is definitely the route.