About CUPA-HR Understanding Higher Education

October 15, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Understanding Higher Education is an e-learning course that provides higher ed and HR pros the basic background, information and tools they need to be successful in the unique environment of higher ed. Understanding Higher Education has three parts, each with several modules that take you into the world of higher ed. The first part of the course, History and Culture, provides a brief history and overview of American higher education and explores why it exists. Included in this section is information about the history and purpose, the different types of institutions, and exploring the Carnegie Classifications, including distinguishing the difference between a “college” and a “university.” The first section concludes with a peek into the culture of higher ed as a workplace, and what characteristics make it unique. This section is designed to be taken sequentially to provide participants the context with which to successfully complete the rest of the course. Upon completion of the modules in section I, you’ll take an assessment to check your knowledge. Part II of the course dives into the structure and legal aspects. These modules can be taken in any order, although we recommend you take them in the order they’re listed. Upon completing the six modules in Part II, you’ll once again unlock an assessment that will check your knowledge. Successful completion of the assessment will unlock the third section of the course. Because the course is an adaptation of the popular Understanding Higher Education in-person workshop, the third section – Practitioner Perspectives – offers real-life perspectives. Higher education HR professionals from across the country share transferable skills from the private sector to higher ed; advice they’ve found helpful, things they’d advise you not do, and tips they’d like to pass along to folks entering this field; and general pointers on how to remain current. Upon completion of the third section, you’ll gain access to the course evaluation. Complete the evaluation and you’ll receive your certificate of completion. Throughout course, you’ll be prompted to refer to the Course Guide. This resource allows you to take notes, track progress, and apply what you’ve learned via questions asking you to reflect about the content as it pertains to your position and institution. It is also a great takeaway that you can keep and periodically reference as a refresher. In addition to the Course Guide, you also have access to an online Higher Education HR Glossary, which you may download and keep for your reference as well. Each module takes between 5 and 45 minutes to complete and contains interactive content. The entire course takes approximately four hours to complete, including time to complete the assessments and to reflect and jot down what you’ve learned via the Course Guide. Are you ready to learn more and register for the course? If so, visit www.cupahr.org/understanding where you can view a modules list that outlines the course content and register for the course.