A Celebration of Scholarships: Opening Doors and Changing Lives

October 16, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[Jackie Capita] Being a scholarship recipient to me it means that I have a chance to an education that I don’t think I otherwise
would have had. My family are immigrants. They were political refugees. They came
here 26 years ago from Romania and um and they came with only a dollar in their pockets. They were determined to have a better life for me than what they had
and they knew that education was really the avenue for doing that. [Sabastian Abekezele] I think scholarships are important for Universities because Universities have a very important role to play in society in helping change society, in helping change lives but then it come with a lot of cost. [Andrea Velasquez] Coming from a single-parent household, low-income, college really wouldn’t be an option without the
scholarships I received and so it, it means the world to us. [Jamal Jefferson] Scholarships are
important to medical school because the cost of going to medical school is
increasing every single year. [Jackie Capita] Welcome to Rochester. So I have a few jobs. I worked primarily in admissions and
financial aid. I am a Meridian. So I’m a tour guide for the U of R. So I love showing like all the things that the U of R does to help people come here and
for them to be happy and successful. My thesis is focusing on the Victorian
dinner party. I really love the 19th century. I think it’s a very fascinating period just because it’s a, it’s a turbulent time period, to go into the archives and to do research like that, to do it here at a top research institution is amazing. [Sabastian Abekezele] I’m really interested in engineering, technology, building stuff and then also like innovative, bringing up new. So when I read about the University of Rochester I thought this was a perfect fit for me. So one of the people who have had an impact on me is Professor Perucchio. My interest in
engineering, what I want to do, my capabilities, everything has been
possible because of him. I don’t really get a chance to speak to my
family a lot, maybe once a month. When I came here I met Father Cool. He’s been like a father figure to me and he gives me all the guidance or the advice. He’s really impacted me a lot. He makes me feel at home. [Andrea Velasquez] When I decided to pursue music as a career I didn’t really know where to
start so I kind of just googled best music schools in the country and after
further research I fell in love with Eastman. It feels like a family because when you make music with other people there’s a deeper connection. I was especially drawn to the school because of my Professor, Benita Boyd. She is just
so incredible. I walk into my lessons feeling so full of self-doubt but I
leave a feeling like I could take on the world, like I can do anything. [Jamal Jefferson] I thought about going to medical school. I was interested in health policy, got into University of Rochester and thought
maybe I should do an MBA and explore this a little bit more, kind of analyzing,
how to think and learn how to talk about health care and why is it so complex. One
of my goals is to successfully match into either a diagnostic or
interventional radiology residency. What’s unique about interventional radiology is that it’s a very innovative specialty. We can go almost anywhere in the body and
potentially save someone’s life. [Jackie Capita] If my scholarship donors were here I honestly would give them a big hug and say from the bottom of my heart and my parents
thank you. [Sabastian Abekezele] I’m really appreciative of how much you invested in me. Without this investment I wouldn’t have been here. [Jamal Jefferson] If my scholarship donors were here I would say a big thank you. Your inspiration, for your generosity, for your kindness. [Andrea Velasquez] This scholarship changed my life and I will forever be thankful.