A brief introduction to the Danish folk high school

February 28, 2020 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hi, I’m Lars. I’m 21 years old. I’m half German, half Danish. I’m Fidouz from Ghana. My name is Michelle O’Sullivan. My name is Emil Bak Andersen. My name is Emilia Hannah Jeffrey. My name is Jamal Baraz from Tanzania in East Africa. The folk high school is basically an alternative form of education – – where you learn about things outside of what you would in normal school. It’s somehow a second home. Because you deveolop a family and you live together in a place – – you live in a dormitory together. And at the same you share common interests and subjects. We do things like movie making and choir – – but we also have core subjects. So it’s a really good balance between real world and exciting activities. In this system we don’t have any grades, any exams or any tests. It gives you a lot of freedom to be creative – – you dont have the pressure of “this has to work” or “this has to be perfect”. It’s a great way to motivate yourself, because you’re interested ind the courses that you take. You have one very important obligation being af folk high school student – – you have to attend the classes. You need to have 28 classes a week. I think the relation between students and teachers is closer than what we are used to. They are also our friends. We do things with them outside of the school – – different activities like playing football or playing boardgames – – watching movies, arranging parties. Cooking food. Cleaning! I always play music with my group when we clean – – and we actually have fun, we sing. We sing aloud when we clean and that’s quite nice. I would also say that this is a place where you experience friendship, hapiness, sadness. Of course, because you live together 24/7 – with people from all around the world. It affects you a lot more than if you meet them in university or through friends. Here you get to live with people and really get to know them. It’s a really strong sense of safety – – because you know that a lot of people are there for you, even when you’re going through a hard time In Korea we don’t have this kind of education system – –so many students can’t find their way. You just take a degree based on the fact that you’re good at passing exams – – and you take the most impressive sounding degree. The one that would impress the most people and make your family proud. But maybe I don’t wanna be a doctor – – maybe I wanna be a singer and that’s okay! You can do you. Before I was a very shy person. But after coming here I’m much more open. My mentality has changed in the sense – – that you realize that the world is much bigger. It can be a little scary, but it’s also really amazing. I have a scholarship for a folk highschool. The knowledge that I gain is not helping me alone. It’s helping the people in my community. In this case, when you help one, you help the nation. I really want to talk about peace and human rights – – and what are the right choices when we build our own society with democracy and human rights. During my stay I had different subjects. Knowledge in different areas – – usefull skills. And mainly, I got a lot of motivation to change the situation in my home district in Tanzania. If you come to a folk high school, just be open. You don’t have to bring or expect anything – – just be there, be present. Enjoy the moment and try to give as much as you can, because that is that you will recieve. The more effort you put in – – it can be anything – – the more you will recieve.