7 Millennials Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

November 19, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– I’ve got one for
Aaron, Sonne, Destiny… – Oh my gosh. – Tracy. – Oh my gosh. – Last one. (dramatic string music) – [Male Host] How’s it going? – Good. – [Male Host] What are
you guys here to do? – Win some money. – Win some money man. – Make friends. – [Male Host] The game is 1000 to one. How does this work, you guys? – One person will get $1000, or no one gets anything. – Can you choose to like, divide it up? No? Oh, you can’t? – We can after. – [Male Host] We’re going to
do four elimination rounds. It’s going to be down to three people. And those three people
have to unanimously decide who leaves with the $1000. If they can’t make the decision, nobody gets the money. Once you’re voted off,
you sit on this sad couch. – [Female Contestant] It’s a nice couch. – [Male Host] It is a nice couch. What are you most scared about? – Somebody getting mad at me. – I’m scared someone’s going to say like, I’m a bad person. – I’m scared of that too, honestly. – [Male Host] All right, so I’m going to give you guys 15 minutes. – Okay. – [Male Host] All right? Started. – Dance off. Dance off. (laughing) – The only true way to figure it out. – Dance off. – I don’t know about you guys, but like, whoever really needs it, I guess? I feel like that makes the most sense. But that’s just me. – We could just go one by
one and say why we want it. (indistinct collective chatting) – Yeah we should all hear
everyone’s point of view. – Recently, one of my dogs
had to go through surgery, to get two tumors removed, and honestly, I’m just trying to make some of that money back. – I’m trying to sublet my
apartment for the summer, and I don’t think a lot of people are going to want to sublet it. So I’m just like, ooh I
got to figure that out. – My mom recently went
deaf in her left ear, and in the case that she loses
hearing in her right ear, I won’t be able to communicate with her. I want to use the money specifically to pay for classes to take an
American sign language courses and I like have just enough
scholarships for school, but like I need extra classes to be able to take American sign language. – Do you know if there’s any other ways you could like, I don’t know, find a way to learn sign language, or like find somebody in
the community who could… – I don’t know anybody
who knows sign language, this like sounds like fluff, but because I’m involved in
a lot of student leadership at my school, I like literally
don’t have the time to work, because I want to support minorities and like students of color at my school, and I prioritize that over working. – We’re gettin’ real personal, but I need to go get help for
like mental health reasons, and the treatment for it is $24,000. Basically, we’re at like a point where my physical health and like other things are on the line. $24,000 is a lot, even
if it would be one 24th of what I need, so… – I would give it to the
non-profit organization, it’s called JFS, it’s very local, they’re the ones who brought me here, from America to Iraq, so I would give that money back. – Like what, J…? – JFS. – [Male Host] Guys, it’s been
four minutes and 50 seconds, and I’m sorry to interrupt you but… (collective chattering) – We’ll get back to it, we’ll get back to it. – I’m here because my mom, I
owe her like $600 for tuition. – Okay, I was really sorry. – No, go ahead. – I just feel like $1000,
yeah it is a lot of money, but it won’t really get you that far. – I am not trying to be like
offensive or (mumbling), but like I think that was
like a very loaded statement. Because I think any amount
of money can like help any sort of situation. How comfortable do you think she would be with taking that money from you? – I think she would take it
because she knows she needed it. – This summer, I’m volunteering
as a camp counselor, it’s for children’s six to 18, whose parents have experienced cancer. You know, part of being a camp counselor is that we like raise at least $500. – Is it your job to, as a counselor, to bring these kids? – It’s not like if we
don’t fundraise the money then I have to like pay out of pocket, but there’s an expectation
that, as a counselor, I fundraise at least one camper. – [Male Host] Who do you feel like should be voted off first? Like you are you feeling right now? – I feel like Aaron, like wanting to help with other people’s great, but a summer camp? I’m not sure if that’s like
too comparatible to like the guarantees that other
people could use it for. So like medical insurance for like a dog. – How do I respond to that? I think that it’s a really good cause. That said, if the whole group says “That’s not enough of
a good enough reason”, then like, I’m not going
to fight anyone over it. – Okay, let’s just write down. (collective chattering) – [Male Host] Is that how
you guys want to do it? – Yeah, let’s write it. – Nobody wants to offend anyone, and you know what, people can
be more honest when it’s… – Let’s do it. – Can we have like a basket
or something to put it in? – Here, I have a pocket. – Yeah, we’ll put it in your pocket. – We got one for Aaron. Tracy. One for Mohammed. Another one for Tracy. Sonne… Another one for Aaron. Another one for Aaron. And that’s three for Aaron. – Do I just go over there? – Aaron, no. – I don’t like this game. – [Male Host] So, Aaron’s in a fun seat. Like, you don’t have the
pressure of getting voted, so… Ask them who voted for you. – I don’t care, I imagine
that like everybody believes that their own reason was
good enough so, it’s fine. – [Male Host] Who do
you guys think is next to get voted off? – I feel like it’s me. Because I mean like, two
people voted for me, right? Who voted for me? – It wasn’t me. – I didn’t. Let’s just say who we voted for. I voted for Aaron. – Wait. – I’d rather not know who voted for me. Just cause like, I don’t know, I don’t want to have any hard
feelings against like anyone. And so like, don’t. – I don’t think it matters. I feel like this is like, new round. – Well how do we think? Like who, like who are we voting for? Like how are we thinking,
rather than just… – I think we should vote
for what ideas the person is like putting that money towards, instead of the person themselves. – That’s what I was thinking, yeah. – We should all have our own charity, and then maybe pick the one that you know, we all feel strongly towards. We don’t have to put it towards mine. – I feel like we should step
away from charity for a minute. Just like, so okay like, the like, take the idea of just
helping other people, away. So like… (laughing) No listen, no no no, just for now. So if we’re not using this money for like global development, or we’re not using it for sociology, we’re not donating it to anybody, we’re using it for ourselves, what are we going to use it for? I love helping people, but for right now, let’s cut that. – [Tracy] Who do you think the
final three should be, Aaron? – I think the two highest priorities to me is either Aaliyah, cause a, she like genuinely has the highest need. And then b, I see Mohammed, because I feel like he’s
giving it to a good cause. So that’s who I would put at my top two. – I’m going to use self, selfish here, the idea of like not being able to communicate with my mom, because I like don’t know
the only way that I could, is like terrifying. – Like I relate to that because… – [Male Host] You guys
need to vote very soon. – I’m worried about my mom too. – [Male Host] You guys have
to vote within 30 seconds, or we take $200 out of the pot. Do you guys just want
to raise hands and vote? – No. – No, let’s, next round, I
promise you, we’ll do verbal. – Aaliyah, so me. Sonne. Destiny. – Oh my gosh. – Tracy. – Oh my gosh. – Last one. Sonne. – Shit. – Sorry. – Damn, okay. – I didn’t come here to
have my heart broken, guys. – I’m chilling, I’ll
figure it out I guess. – It was a good fight. [ Male Host] Okay so, do
people just want to say who they voted for? – I know somebody voted
for me, and I mean like… – It was me. – It was you? – Yeah. – Okay, why? – Just because like… – Biggest threat. – What? No. (laughing) No, I just like, I don’t
have mental health issues, and I understand that
they’re very difficult, and that’s not why, just
like more in comparison to other things, something about that just didn’t seem right in comparison to what else we had on the table. – Nobody seems mad though. But like as I said before,
like we’re still walking out with the same thing that we came in with. – Destiny, what was your thing? We just like don’t remember what it was. – Oh. I live in an apartment
that’s kind of expensive, which is why I’m trying to bounce, and like subletting it is kind of hard, cause like a lot of people
don’t want to sublet it for the summer, so like,
it would help for that. – Honestly, I feel like
I trust Destiny so much. – I trust your judgment. – We should let Destiny vote. (cheering) – Destiny, choose our destiny. (instinct collective chatter) – Destiny for destiny. – Okay what if we all like close our eyes or like we all go behind you, and then you like point to one of us, so you don’t have to say it out loud. – And then the person cannot say anything until they sit on the couch. – Until they sit? – Yeah, cause that way you
just escape all judgment. – Yeah. – Is that what you guys want? – Yes. – I trust your judgment. – Are you guys sure? – Yes. – Should we close our eyes? – I just hope nobody hates
me at the end of this. – Destiny they’re gong to
vote you off if you do it. – I know it’s just like
random, but I just like… It’s still my finger
pointing, it’s like… – It means you’ve got
good odds of staying in, cause well, they like you. – Is this random or are you… Wait, am I? No, you’re choosing who you want. (indistinct collective chattering) – I close my eyes, and then…? – No, no, no. – You pick one of us. – You pick someone. – Make it random. – Can we please make it random? – No. – Please? – No, Destiny. – You guys are kind of like putting a lot of pressure on her, you could just go back
to writing the names, and do it anonymously. I think that would be a better option. Cause right now, you’re just going to make her feel really shitty, so… – That’s true, okay, we’re going to write. – I didn’t like that. – Can I sit here and read it? – Earl. Destiny. – What? – Tracy. Earl. Tracy. Earl, so there’s two for
Tracy, and two for Earl. – Who voted for me? – I’m not faulty. – You guys, you guys decide
which one of you leaves. – You could just do a
re-vote, everybody vote again, but you can only vote on Tracy or Earl. – It doesn’t make sense
that Tracy and I vote. So just the three of you. [Male Host] Ten, nine, eight… Seven, six, five…. – This one says Tracy
and this one says Tracy. – Okay, that’s fair. – Join us. – Join you guys. – We’re just stirring the pot. – Oh, I’m about to… I’m about to stir the pot. – I feel bad that we copped out. Last round, putting Destiny on the spot. – Yeah. – Yeah, I think that we just
didn’t want to be in charge of our own fate. – [Male Host] Who voted for Destiny? – I think Destiny voted for Destiny. Did you vote for yourself? – I actually did, because I didn’t. yeah. – Oh my god. – I didn’t want to, so I was like… – I felt that. – Yeah… (indistinct collective talking) – Not to say that you shouldn’t get it, but if you’re voting for yourself, then that does kind of
put into question like, do you really want it? – I just didn’t feel
comfortable doing it, I guess. – Well I also think that
like, in the last vote, Earl got like the most votes. Not anything against you, but
like you and Tracy were tied. So like, I think that
alone kind of indicates who the top three might be. – What are we going to do? What’s our tactic? – I think this time we
should just be vocal. I don’t think anybody would be offended. – Okay. – [Male Host] You guys need
to make a decision now. – All right, let’s go
vocal, everybody agrees? Okay? Yes? I’m sorry Earl. – No, that’s okay. – Come back to me. – Okay, we’ll come back to Destiny. – Earl, I’m sorry. – No, it’s okay, that’s okay. – All right, Earl. – Why are you all so salty, bro? – No, we’re just stirring the pot. – (mumbled) the pot, bro. I’m about to be like these
people need the money. – Good fight. Good job. – [Male Host] Guys,
this is the final round. It’s down to three people. All you guys have to decide on one person that leaves with $1000. – I told my friends what
I was going to do here, I told them I was going to do a charity, and they were like “You’re
going to get insta-eliminated”. (laughing) Yeah, they said that. – I’m so tired of
hearing the word charity. – Couldn’t we like, split it? 500 to charity, and then like
500 to like, all off your… – That’s what I think. That’s what I think, yeah. – What do you guys think? – I said Destiny because
that’s the most like, that’s like not surely going to happen, like you can put the
money into this right now, it’ll happen right now. Charity, like, the money goes
to several different places, and healthcare, that’s
like such a big goal, like all of those are valid, but at this point that’s
the most practical thing as of right now. – Who would you guys kick off right now? – Mohammed. – Can I kick off Sonne a second time? (laughing) Because he was literally
like “I’m so tired of hearing the word charity”. He literally said that out loud. – That doesn’t mean I
don’t care about charity. – Why were you so wholesome
when we first got here? – Guys, guys, okay we
have to figure this out because I don’t want
(mumbles) to get the money. – I’d like to point out I’m not evil, I’m in a major where I literally… – Whatever. (group indistinctly chattering) – No because I’m literally like, my, I want to travel and
live in the communities that I’m planning to help. Just ’cause I said I’m like
tired of hearing charity, doesn’t mean that I don’t
want to help people. – I think we should split it
500 and 500 for the thing. – 500 charity, 500 for the person? – I think that would be… – Which person would get it though? – I feel like Aaliyah. – Vote for someone. Aaliyah? I vote Aaliyah as well. Aaliyah, you deserve it. Good luck with everything, too. I think we have a person, and we did it in a good positive way. And I wish the best of luck
to this person, it’s Aaliyah. (cheering and applauding) – We can all still be friends, right? – Well, we definitely
have got to be friends. – I’m glad it’s over. – Finally. – Can we all hang out? – Can we hang out, guys? – I don’t think Earl
wants to hang out with me. – I want to take a fireball shot. – [Male Host] Was this
a terrible experience? – Yes, it was… It was bad. – But I feel like I ended up like good. – [Male Host] Do you think
the right person was chosen? – Yeah. – [Male Host] Congratulations. Everybody, group hug. (cheering) (dramatic string music)