3 Ways to Get Bank for Your Tuition | #YORK101 Finances

February 28, 2020 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– Are you worried about paying your tuition and not having enough money to treat yourself to an afternoon snack. – Don’t worry! Grab your treat and we’re gonna show you how to save some money with the 3 best ways to get bank for your tuition. – Welcome back to our #YORK101 summer series. I’m Kabi and I’m Elise. So Mayu was actually recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. So Elise is joining me. You might have known her from the media communications team, she is normally the one behind the camera at editing these videos. But today she’s switching sides. – Yep, and I’m so excited to be here today with my pal Kabi. Anyways, today we’re going to be going through the 3 top ways for you to generate money to pay for your tuition. – So, as Mayu would say let’s get into it. – So, number 1 for domestic students in the house. OSAP is key. So OSAP stands for the Ontario Student Assistance Program, and it’s a way for the government to help students who are Canadian citizens pay for the tuition. – So OSAP actually has two types of financial funding grants and loans. Grants are monetary amounts that you don’t have to pay back. It’s essentially free money. But loans are a little bit of a different story. For loans, you’re borrowing money from the government and you must pay this back after you graduate. – But be careful loans can accumulate interest. – Right, but if you think you don’t need the loans, that’s cool, too. All you got to do is to indicate that you only want to receive grants on your yearly OSAP application. – In order to apply for OSAP. You’ll need to head on over to the OSAP website. We’ll leave that in the description box. Start a new application for every term that you’ll be starting and be sure to follow the steps. And make sure you have submit your application before the recommended deadline of June 30, to make sure you get your funds in time for class. – Number 2, complete the student financial profile also known as the SFP to apply for York’s many scholarships and bursaries. – So scholarships and bursaries are also like grants. They’re free money given from the University for those students who are in financial need or a good academic standing. – After you’re registered as a York student all you need to do to apply for scholarships and bursaries is head to the SFP application link which will link down in the description below. After that, all you got to do is wait and maybe you will get some free money. – Number 3, get an on-campus job or work – study position. We know a lot about that. Don’t we Elise? – We do, so while there’re so many great jobs out there. On-campus jobs are especially awesome, because employers are very, understanding towards the fact that you’re a student. So this means employers are way more flexible and adaptable to planning work around your school schedule. – Just like us as work-study positions, all you have to do to be eligible for a work-study position is to fill out your student financial profile. Like we mentioned in tip number 2. Most of these positions will be on the Career Center website. We’ll leave that in the description box as well. – So there you have it three ways to get bank for your tuition. To recap: That was OSAP, scholarships and on-campus jobs. – So did any of these tips help you out? Be sure to leave a like and click the subscribe button for all of our latest content coming through the summer. And make sure you hit the notification bell, so you are alerted every time we release a new video – And for today’s question of the day. We want to ask you: What’s your biggest financial worry about coming to university? Let us know in the comments below. – Quick reminder. If you don’t remember how to pay your tuition or your registration deposit, we actually released a video last week with 3 steps, Make sure to check it out! – And, in the first #YORK101 video, Mayu and Kabi covered the top 9 things that you’ll need to know as a first-year student coming to York. – If you miss either of those videos. Don’t worry. We’ll leave those video links in the description box as well. Elise, Thanks for joining me. – No problem. Well until next time we’ll see you later lions and get well soon Mayu.