2019 Shoreline Community College Foundation Scholarship Recipient Student Stories

November 14, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[Music] My name is Norina Ramirez and I am
studying accounting. I have not been in the workforce since my son was born
which was 18 years ago. A lot has changed from 2000 to 2019 in terms of technology so coming here has prepared me to be much more technology competent. Now that I’ve raised my son and I’ve homeschooled him he’s attending Shoreline Community
College and Running Start this quarter. It’s difficult to try to meet
the household budgets and The Foundation helped supplement the tuition and that
helped significantly my name is Assegid Asfaw. At Shoreline
I’m taking industrial manufacturing and mechatronics. Originally I’m from
Ethiopia. There I was studying mechanical engineering and because of the civil
unrest and political condition there I couldn’t continue and I followed my
dreams and came to the United States. I live in Kent so I have to drive every
day like 36 38 miles. Something flew out of a truck and hit my windshield and
cracked my windshield and everything. I had also emergency surgery. There were two bills medical bills I was in the middle of crisis and I don’t have
anywhere to go. If I didn’t get the emergency grant I was going to stop
going to school My name is Desiree Hill and I’m applying
for the dental hygienist program after my prerequisites. I had been a lyft
driver for about a year when I was rear-ended, taken to the hospital
immediately and since then I haven’t lived the same at all.
It made me completely powerless and I had to trust all the doctors and attend a
lot of appointments in order to get myself able to get up and out the door
without pain. I didn’t know from one day or a week to the next
if I was qualified for loans, how I was going to get my vehicle legal that I was
staying in. When I found out that I was awarded the scholarship for housing by
The Foundation, I lost it. I was completely in shock on cloud nine and it
meant that I was gonna get to stay on campus and get to stay in my program, that I was probably gonna do well. My name is Romaine Bush and I’m studying public and
community health. I worker at Harborview Medical Center and I’ve been there for
pretty close to seven years and I work in a psych ICU so I’m used to helping people.
I want to be able to help people outside of psyche. I chose Shoreline because I
came out here and I checked out the campus. It’s beautiful. I mean the signs
out there talk about inclusion, talking about accepting and welcoming everybody. It really felt welcoming for me and I thought it was just the easy choice for
me to choose. Five years from now I would like to be in a master’s program
continuing my education. If I wasn’t selected for the scholarship it would
have been difficult to keep up with my studying so I’m really grateful I was
selected I am Wanda Moats and I’m studying audio
engineering. I’ve discovered rather late just how much of an artist that I am. I
got my drama performance degree in 2013 so I had already had the experience of
going back to school where I had been directed by 19 year olds and 20 year
olds and young people can learn from me but I also want to learn from them. At
the end of this quarter I will run out of money and I wouldn’t have enough
money to finish the degree and this scholarship is going to let me finish
the degree. my name is Maral Atayeva and I’m an international student from
Turkmenistan and I’m majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences here in Shoreline. From
childhood I would say I’ve been actually dreaming to come to the United States
but it seemed like impossible though. I found Shoreline and that it has a
scholarship which is unique scholarship: You Are Welcome Here. So they were telling no matter where you come from no matter who you are you’re welcome here. It was
so captivating words for me and I’m happy that actually made it here. Knowing
about my culture I care about my culture. I loved it. And then coming here
it’s like many cultures are opening up in front of me and it’s I love it. I
still actually sometimes cannot believe that I’m here. I sometimes in the morning
I wake up and I’m like is it really United States you know and then I can
open the window and then see it’s like it’s really United States not a dream
right. I just love the fact that scholarship is supporting like everyone
so they’re supporting a person who need that support I would say to those people
who donated money, Thank you! Thank you so much! It’s an investment to
society so it will pay back. thank you for those people who helped me a lot with the scholarship The Foundation has really made it
possible for me to succeed. Thank you so much for for caring about students here at Shoreline. If you can donate to The Foundation you’ll change a life!