10 FUNNY TEACHER TEXTS w/Teens & College Kids (REACT)

October 17, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– This is so bad.
How would he feel comfortable going to class the next day? – You need to be educated, girl. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’ll be
reading some funny text messages. – Okay, hyped.
I like these videos. – (FBE) This time we’ll be
having you read through ten funny and awkward teacher
and student text convos. – Sounds a bit shady
and disgusting already, okay. – That’s kinda weird that teachers
and students are texting. – I’m scared.
Some students can be really wild. – I’m expecting it to get
a little weird. – This is the X episode.
I’m excited though, excited to read these. – “Hey Mr. Jackson, I really
need an A on the test.” – “And I’d do anything.”
“Anything?” – “Yes, I’ll do anything.”
Okay, first of all, why is that person putting
a winky face? – “You mean even study?”
Okay, first of all, don’t be that student who just
thinks it’s a TV show and you get whatever you want
by flirting with the teacher. – That’s pretty funny.
Trying to be sneaky. – How does the student have
the teacher’s phone number? It’s a little suspect. – “Hey Mr. R, I already read
Huck Fin over the summer, do I have to read it again?” – “Any book worth reading once
is worth reading again.” “Even Twilight?” – “I said it had to be
worth reading once.” Oh, you don’t ever really
text your teacher saying, “Hey, should I read this
again or not?” You just hit Sparknotes.
That’s the move, always. – Such a hater, wow.
Okay, I actually like Twilight. – I was team Edward.
I enjoyed Twilight, so come at me. – I can tell just how old
this is, one, the green text messages and talking
about Twilight. It seems like we’re back
in 2010. – “Hey, I need your help.
Which is the answer to the 5.2 on the biology quiz?” – “Valery, this is Ms. Usher,
your biology teacher.” “Oh, this is not how it looks like.” – “No problem, the answer is C.”
“Thanks.” “You’re welcome.
Now you owe me 10 bucks.” – The teacher’s embezzling
money now. They’re texting each other.
This looks just like bad moves for the HR department. – If I was a teacher, I would
probably be like, “Study or ask a friend.”
This teacher is just very shady. – If I was a teacher and a student
asked me for an answer, I feel like I’d be more humorous
about it. It’s not that big of a deal,
I think. – “Hello, this is Miss Salerno.
Just a reminder to please send Madeline’s signed penis session
slip with her to school tomorrow. Thank you.” – “I apologize!
My iPhone autocorrected my sentence.
I meant ‘permission slip,’ yikes. Technology.” – “Wow.
Yes, we grant permission for the field trip.
Not for the other thing, lol.” Okay, how does permission
autocorrect to penis? – You must have been saying
“penis” in a lot of your text messages for it
to autocorrect to that. – Be careful what you type.
I always mess up with the typos, too. – It’s always something like that
when it’s talking to someone like a teacher or a parent
or your grandma. I can’t tell you how many times
that has happened to me with my mom. – “Hannah, the teacher
has your phone.” – “Emily, I want your phone as well.
Bring it to the front of the class.
Honestly, how stupid.” Seriously, that’s so dumb. – Okay, that’s pretty funny.
That’s something– I’ve had teachers who do that. – I agree with the teacher.
How stupid is this chick to text her friend that
just got her phone taken away? – If you know that your teacher
has your friend’s phone, why would you text it in class? – That was a really stupid move.
Did you think she was gonna get that text?
You need to be educated, girl. – “Hello Mr. Lewis, this is Connie,
Tyler’s mom. Just making sure we are
still on for tonight’s parent teacher conference.” – “Hi Connie.
Yes, we’re still on. I will come [bleep] you at 7.
Speak soon.” – “Connie, I sincerely apologize.”
He had to put a “sincerely.” – Wow, okay, yeah.
Is it, though? Is it the autocorrect?
Sometimes I wonder. – Autocorrect never jumps in
to say the f-word. It doesn’t jump in for any
of those things, so I don’t know if that
was intentional or not. – Nowadays, it’s like,
do parents and teachers text? I don’t know if that’s a thing. – “So, the homework’s due
for Friday, right?” “Sure, just drop it off
on my desk.” – “Oh my God, Kelly.
Your stupid friend keeps texting me. Still, can’t wait for our
special time tonight.” – “Oh my God, Kelly as in
my best friend Kelly?” “[Bleep].”
“I want an A on all future assignments.
And good reports, Kthxbai.” – That’s so bad.
That’s so illegal and gross and disgusting. – That’s just gross.
Those are the things that need to be reported
ASAP. – That would be me.
I would so blackmail my teacher to get an A. – “Mrs. Wells.”
“Hey Jack, this is Hanna’s teacher.
We met at the conference yesterday and I would like
to get to know you better.” – “Mrs. Wells?”
“Yes?” “This is Hanna.” – “I thought you filled out
your parent’s phone number on the sheet.
Whoops, see you Monday.” That makes sense.
I mean, a lot of kids will put their phone number
or whatever in case you get in trouble. – So the teacher’s trying
to get with the student’s dad. – He’s a married man.
What are you doing? Her name is Mrs. Wells.
I’m so confused. Doesn’t that mean she’s married? – I’ve seen teachers try
to hit on parents, more in elementary school.
The parents are always around or whatever and teachers will
somehow end up hitting on the parents, so that’s
just uncomfortable. – “Hey Mr. Barnes.
I’m really upset with my last test grade.
Can I sex it up with you after school on Monday?” – “Come late after school
so no teachers see us. B+, all right?” – “I’m getting horny
just thinking about you.” That is freaking gross.
“Um, Mr. Barnes. I meant to say
make it up with you.” – “This is awkward.
I’ll give you an A if you never repeat this
and delete.” Ah, that’s just gross.
That’s so gross. – This is so bad.
How would he feel comfortable going to class
the next day? – This teacher deserves
to be fired. That’s so inappropriate.
That’s so disgusting. – “Hey Mrs. Morgan.”
“Why are you texting me at two in the morning?
You can only text me for math homework.”
“Oh sorry, are you sleeping?” – “Yes, aren’t you?”
“Nope, still doing that math homework you gave us.” – Oh, that clap back.
That’s true, honestly, teachers give you all this homework.
Say “Why didn’t you get any sleep?” “You gave me 95 questions
due last night. What do you mean?” – I probably would do the
exact same thing. I mean, I hate math. – This one’s funny,
’cause that’s true. Math, you just stay up
all night. – Homework is kinda necessary.
I hate to be that guy to say it, but it’s kinda
necessary. – Some of them make me
cringe, ’cause they’re really inappropriate and gross. – Usually, you don’t even have
your teacher’s number. This is so abnormal. – I feel like it’s mostly
these teachers up to no good. If I ever have kids,
my kids go to school, I don’t want that.
They’re being homeschooled. Forget this. – Thanks for watching this episode
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